“I’m a little tired,” says our friend PJ

6.28.18   3:57 pm

I’ll be short and to the point today.
My plan was to wait for the wind to veer to jibe but realized the barometric pressure kept rising and was just 1-2 mbar to the center. I decided to jibe early, around midnight. Everything went South and for about 2 hours I worked to fix the mess,

a lot of bow work primarily but constantly running aft and forward, port to starboard, all the while clipped on. I’m a little tired. We’re moving slowly; it looks like everyone is. I’m eating, drinking, working the boat, communicating and not finding much sleep, not for lack of trying.

One little squid landed on the stern and sprayed ink all over. I saw a flying fish and checked the keel and rudder again. All clear and I wouldn’t mind a bath. It’s good I’m alone here! And that’s it for now. Let’s check the forecast.

Thank you to Sled Dog for the cartoon

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