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In the meantime, here is Don Martin s/v Crinan II:





Recap 2 (sundry photos)

July 10, 2018

Below are Beccie ( Kynntana’s doublehanded crew), Shawn (Carliane’s baby boy) and Carliane, satisfied with the house pancakes

Below: Kitchen help

John Woodworth waiting for his daughter

After the Sea Squirrel Crew met Kynntana, they waited in the rain for Owl to arrive. And they waited. And waited. And waited. They were not sad because they were on a sailboat and they were together. But they did wait. And wait. In the rain. On the sailboat

Christine, Synthia, Dave and the photographer.


Recap I

July 10, 2018 It has been a whirlwind couple of days at Command Central, with many a luau in the yard. Here is a photo of the Tree in the backyard of the Yellow House.

This Tree is the New Tree for the Singlehanders of the 2018 Transpacific Yacht Race. As Commodore Dave says, “circumstances dictate that some changes are required”. In other words, the Hanalei Rowing club, displaced from its place at the mouth of the River, has claimed the Tree with a sign. The picnic tables have been removed to make room for their outrigger canoes, and so Tree Time has been relocated to the yard of the Little Yellow House. The advantage of the tree in the Pavilion Park was public restrooms and tradition. The advantage of the Tree in the Yard is many: two bathrooms, fluffy towels, a kitchen and covered patio with chairs and a table, etc etc. Further elaboration of the lovely abode we call the Little Yellow House will be provided in the future. For now, here are some photos from the past two days. More photos to follow, after Synthia’s pancake breakfast. Remember to check Latitude 38 and http://www.norcalsailing.com/

Below find Greg Ashby on the patio

and Carliane s/v Kynntana, arriving in a squall

Aloha, Hanalei Bay!

Come on over to Command Central and meet our sleep deprived sailors. Better still, to get the true flavor of the Singlehanded Sailing Society, swim out to the committee boat at midnight, transfer to a moving sailboat and help the skipper take down the sails. After that, everybody swims together back into shore in that lovely, warm water of Hanalei Bay. Mahalo, Hanalei Bay. We welcome your embrace.

First Three Finishers

Learning he was first to finish: Philippe on Double Espresso


Under the surfboard at the Little Yellow House

Second to finish: David Clark, happy in the Yellow House

Third to finish is Greg Ashby, photo still to come. Greg arrived early in the morning of July 6 on his Wilderness 30 Nightmare. Synthia just paddleboarded out to the Sea Squirrel and Greg just hailed her on 69 for a ride back inshore. When he hailed her, Rob MacFarlane, s/v Tiger Beetle responded, offered Greg a ride in on his dinghy. We’ll have a photo soon …

Latitude 38 article here:  http://www.latitude38.com/lectronic/lectronicday.lasso?date=2018-07-06#Story4

Logistics and Serious Decision-making

Thursday July 5, 2018

Now that the race committee has successfully recovered our first sailor  we are feeling pretty darned successful. Commodore Dave thought he had the whole committee boat deal nailed down, but then when the boat showed up  the engine wouldn’t start. So we called SSS stalwart and premier bug collector Rob Macfarlane, anchored in Hanalei Bay on Tiger Beetle.

“Hey, Rob? Can you help us recover a sleep deprived sailor?”

“Sure!” said Rob. So he revved up his own dinghy, collected Synthia and they went to recover PJ this morning at 4am. PJ was in great condition until he took a nap. That seemed to knock him out, and now he wants to go back out to his boat. (“She was so good to me!”) Who can figure?

Here’s a little video of the Sea Squirrel re-imagined: that is, after Larry did some magic to get her running for us. David and Synthia are going to bring her ’round Princeville for sure this time.

IMG-3457 (1)