SHTP return fleet 1700 UTC July 29 radio net recap

Bill/Dolfin was net control for the 1700 UTC net on 6B, Beetle scribe.  Good reception across the fleet.
Cliff/Rainbow will be net control for this afternoon’s net 0200 UTC on 6B, and continue with net control tomorrow.
position reports:
riff rider  38 34’N x 144 43’W (>12 hr old tracker position)
kynntana    37 54’N x 143 41’W 105T @ 4.5k, wind 10 seas calm
rainbow      39 29’N x 140 22’W 070M @ 6.0k, wind 15 seas 4′
nightmare    40 15’N x 146 32’W 140T @ 5.0k
tiger beetle 44 12’N x 146 00’W 074T @ 5.2k, motoring wind 6 seas <1′
jacqueline  38 43’N x 148 18’W 071 @ 5.3k
dolfin      36 42’N x 146 56’W 056M @ 4.0k, motoring wind 5 smooth seas
morning star 33 53’N x 153 17’W 045T @ 4.5k, wind <10 seas smooth
madrone      – no report –
owl          – no report, should be leaving Hanalei today –
Kynntana, in reviewing yesterday afternoon’s position report, saw that she was relatively close to Riff Rider.  Carliane put out a call on the VHF but no response.  Has seen winds from N to E and is sailing, hoping to not lose to much northing as she works east.  All going well on board.
Rainbow is sailing directly for the barn, looks like Cliff has found the breeze.
Nightmare has tacked and is headed east, hoping to be lifted in 90 miles.  He didn’t want to get closer to the High as it is descending slightly southward.
Tiger Beetle is motoring through the High.  Barograph reports 1031 and rising a tiny bit.  Wind light from aft quarter, seas smooth, grey overhead.  Where’s the sun?  No one was too certain why the bottom of the low clouds are flat.
Dolfin had a wonderful moonrise last night in clear sky, followed shortly by Mars – looked great to see over the ocean.  Dolfin was wondering why everyone says there are no squalls during the day when in fact there are tons of squalls during the day.
Morning Star reports lovely sailing, especially with the spectacular dawn and sunrise.
Owl should be departing Hanelei today, hopefully we’ll hear him on the net this afternoon.

Taste testing Mai Tais for arrivals

Mai tai taste testing occurred today at the little yellow house, with Synthia carefully measuring out rum, pineapple juice, squishing limes and wondering whether the race committee needs to spend a bit more for grenadine syrup. Between tastes Synthia discussed the importance of staying within budget. The suggestion was made to serve only the sailors as they arrive, and locking up the liquor in between arrivals, but that idea was rejected as too severe.

Waiting waiting waiting …


So, what are we doing today while we wait for the sailors to make landfall? We’re measuring plaques for the trophies,

baking bread

and hanging our radio from the tree outside the kitchen.

The black cat is cleaning its fur in the sun. Rob Macfarlane has finished cleaning the bottom of Tiger Beetle and will come by in awhile. Christine Weaver and Jonathan Gutoff have arrived in Lihue and will come by after they set up at their little cottage. David called his mother, Synthia called hers

and I will call mine soon. We are in a state of suspended animation.