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8/11 return email reports

Dolfin on 8/11 at 0200 UTC
Pos: 32 40’N,  125 37’W
Course 085M
Speed 6.0kts
Wind  NNE 15-18kts
Seas: 4-6ft sloppy
No whining.  That explains my lack of a morning report.  Conditions are slightly better now but still close reaching in moderately strong wind and sloppy seas so spent most of today below napping.  The wind should veer to the north over night and we should begin to have a more comfortable point of sail.  360 miles to go to Catalina.
As of 0200 UTC Lee reports that Morning Star was at 38 19’N, 126 54’W steering 115T at 6.5 kts.  His wind is 15-18kts and seas 2-4ft.  If his progress holds, Lee hopes to enter the Gate Monday morning and plans to dock in Alameda.  His passage to San Diego will wait a few days or weeks.
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8/10 reports return group

Dolfin on 8/10 at 1700 UTC
Pos: 33 06’N,  129 06’W
Course 087M
Speed 6.5kts
Wind  NNE 14-18kts
Seas: 3-4ft
Good wind now but probably got a little rusty on the sailing part after the last five days, Reefed down and moving well with wind just forward of the beam.  I have 11 AIS targets at the moment.  Just 530 miles left to Catalina.  Dolfin is happy.
No contact with Morning Star on 6B this morning so nothing to report from Lee.
Dolfin on 8/10 at 0200 UTC
Pos: 33 01’N,  128 08’W
Course 085M
Speed 5.0kts
Wind  NNE 15-20kts
Seas: 4-6ft sloppy
More than enough wind now. Running with dbl reefed main and staysail only, no jib.  Close reaching in really sloppy seas to keep from going further south where wind isn’t so good and TS John is hanging  out.  Lot of pounding and water over the dodger.
As of 0200 UTC Lee reports that he motored 10 hrs today in light conditions but is now sailing on very pleasant seas.  Morning Star’s position is 38 22’N, 129 25’W steering 095T at 4.5 kts.
 from OWL:

Hi All,
1929 hours Hawaii (utc – 10)
37°00′ N/145°18′ W
SOG 5.2 KT @42° M (MOTORING)
WIND 6 KT @032° M
BP 1019.3 MB
The breeze fell off early this morning so we have been motoring since shortly before 5am.
We have been using the hydraulic ram on the funky rudder and it is working fine despite minor creaks and groans.
We are heading NE to catch a predicted northish wind which will allow us to sail towards the coast. It looks like we are still about 10 days out. Seems like it’s been 10 days for several days now. We have about 1000 nm remaining to the GGB.
All well aboard.

Email From IRIS:
We thought we had problems then we read about John and Rusty aboard Owl.  All the best to them steering home.
It wasn’t until late afternoon today when we got the nerve to lift the 100% jib on the roller furling held by amsteel on an untested pin that just happened to be there.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed as we picked up nearly 2 knots.
If the grib files prediction hold true we should hang a right on Saturday and have the wind on our quarter but will have light wind Friday–tomorrow.
Stay tuned.  And thanks for being tuned and passing this info on.
1800 Thurs local time
33 26 N
163 40 W
333 T @ 6.4 knots
Wind E @ 13
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8/9 reports

Dolfin on 8/9 at 1700 UTC
Pos: 33 28’N,  131 01’W
Course 195M
Speed 0.7kts drifting
Wind ? 1-3kts
Seas: glassy
Nothing interesting to report.  Drifting all night waiting for NE wind which should arrive this evening.  No contact with Morning Star on 6B this morning so nothing to report from Lee.
Dolfin on 8/9 at 0200 UTC
Pos: 33 18’N,  130 40’W
Course 080M
Speed 4.6kts
Wind NNE 5-8kts
Seas: 1-2ft
Dolfin may have found the wind she’s been waiting for.  We went from glassy calm lost night and most of the day to a light northerly breeze three hours ago.  Hopefully the high is now west of us and moving away.  Gribs show at least three days of northerly wind which should get us close to home.  Still have 15 gal of fuel.
As of 0200 UTC Lee reports wonderful sailing all day in 10-12kts our of the south and 3-5ft seas.  Morning Star’s position is 38 36’N, 131 55’W steering 095T at 5.3 kts.  Lee is looking to catch up on sleep tonight after busy last night.
I did awaken to the email from John describing Owl’s encounter with the whales though.  My best wishes go out to him and am glad he has Rusty along as crew.  Fortunately Owl is a sound vessel and John a capable skipper so I’m confident they will prevail and arrive home with some good stories to tell.
I was awakened from my 1000 nap this morning by a loud BANG!  The mast wasn’t coming down but the 2″ by 5/8th” forestay stem fitting had parted leaving the jib and roller furling off to leeward.  Thank goodness I had carried the staysail stay with me and that I had installed it the morning of our departure. After setting wire halyards as forestays crew and I had discussions on whether to turn back to Honolulu or continue on at a much reduced speed until winds are aft the beam.  We decided to continue. Presently have the main reefed and a very small storm staysail set and we celebrate when we brake 5 knots.  So you will understand our tracker speeds.
Congratulations to those who have arrived home.  Our homecoming will be somewhat delayed.
I should add that this afternoon Mike and I secured the roller furling and stay by taking some old amsteel line and with four to one purchase lead it back to a primary and tightened.  We have hope to use it off the wind.
31 46 N
163 02 W presently steering 4 at 4.6 knots.
S/V MADRONE is safe in Sausalito.
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8/8 Evening Report

Dolfin on 8/8 at 0200 UTC
Pos: 33 36’N,  131 04’W
Course 085M
Speed 4.8kts
Wind SE 2-4kts
Seas: flat
Managed to sail most of the day until 1-1/2 hours ago.  Motoring now because it feels good to keep moving (plus the batteries like it) but will probably stop in another hour and begin drifting again to conserve fuel.  Should get noreasterlies in about 24 hours and I can hardly wait.  It looks like about 625 miles to Catalina from here.
Congratulations on Jacqueline and Nightmare for making landfall – it has to feel great after all the challenges of such a long passage.  And I echo what Mike says about the importance of being in touch with each other thru radio or email.  It makes such a difference knowing you’re not as alone as it seems sometimes.  And to David and the entire race committee – you guys are great and put on an amazing event (both coming and going).  Thank you so much for making this life changing adventure available to us all.
As of 0200 UTC Lee gave Morning Star’s position as 38 40’N, 134 19’W steering 090T at 5.2 kts. He has 10-15 kts from the south with 4-6ft less choppy seas.  All good on Morning Star.
1916 hours
36°14′ N/147°25′ W
SOG 5 KT @45° M
WIND 16 KT @328° M
BP 1014.6 mb
At dawn this morning Owl impacted with one of a pair of sperm whales. I was on watch and, as the impact was on the stern, turned to see two whales a few feet behind the boat and blood in the water. Owl was knocked off course and her steering damaged. My interpretation at the time was we were being attacked. Not sure this is correct, though. As one of the whales came around up on our stern I grabbed the wheel and managed to take off down wind. The whale followed for a short distance and then turned and the two went off in the opposite direction.
Owl is still able to motor but her steering is too stiff for the autopilot or windvane. We had big seas and winds today and so we hand steered with the damaged steering. Other than the stiffness, her rudder is still neutral (0° is straight ahead) and stable. It is a skeg-hung rudder. Late this evening the winds subsided, as predicted, so we installled the emergency rudder and have set it up to steer to wind or compass.
While hove-to, we also inspected more thoroughly the rudder stock and interior of the stern. Other than a broken hose clamp, no internal breech to the hull was detected.
It is too early to know how this will effect our passage. Early tests are that the propeller is uneffected. We know we will need to baby the emergency rudder as now it is the One. Winds are predicted lighter for the remainder of the trip which is good from this standpoint. Tomorrow we will send a GoPro down to inspect for external damage.
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8/8 email amalgamation

Dolfin on 8/8 at 1700 UTC
Pos: 33 33’N,  131 47’W
Course 065M
Speed 4.6kts
Wind S 5-7kts
Seas: flat
Sat in the cockpit with my morning cereal, felt a breeze, gulped breakfast, raised sails and moving nicely now east.  But these southerlies are the west side of the little low siting on me and will only lead me to the easterlies on the bottom, too light to really do anything with.  Whatever, we’re sailing now and in the right direction.  Still looking for the high to move out tomorrow night and give back the northerlies that will carry us to the coast (or at least near it- that’s what I’m saving fuel for).
As of 1700 UTC Lee gave Morning Star’s position as 38 40’N, 134 59’W steering 080T at 4.0 kts. He has 15-25 kts from the SSE with 4-6ft choppy seas.  Expecting strong W-NW winds when the trof goes past.
1:53pm PST
Pos. 37 52.680n. 122 55.300w
Cse 084t
Spd 7.2
Wind 18
Seas 4-6
Finally getting a moment to put together a report
Win increased yesterday to 20-25 by 0000 hst.
Beam reaching with 10 ft seas, confused no less with a swell pattern and wind wave chop. Ugh!!
Throw in a half dozen ais targets heading into and out of the north traffic zone and you have your self one heck of a good time.
Did I mention the a/p quit again. Yep, drove for a while before I could get the drive swapped out.
Sleep? Well I’ve had some naps.
See you soon !
I’m back, we did it (boat and myself), it’s done, finito.
2768.44 nm. From Hanalei Bay to our slip in Richmond, SanFrancisco Bay.
It only took 509 hours and 29 minutes .
Three weeks.
What did I have for dinner? Vegetable spring rolls and garlic noodles with veggies!
Highlights, beautiful blue ocean, fast close reaching for days, albatross, dolphin, rainbows, star filled nights, being ok with being alone, being ok with me, finding the limits of my abilities.,
I know there is more but I am ready to sleep for a while



Hi All,
1513 hours Hawaii Time (UTC – 10)
35°09′ N/149°45: W
SOG 6.8 KT @ 55° M
WIND 21 KT @322° M
BP 1012.9 mb

Hi All,
First, it appears that some of my reports have not been transmitted due to a fumble on my part. Sorry about that. I am working on the problem. If you don’t get this please be sure to let me know.

We have had a pretty wild ride the last two nights with large swells and wind in the mid twenties. Fortunately, the wind is on the port beam so we are generally making good time. The wind is highly variable…10 to 25 knots within an hour…so it has been trial and error to find a sail plan and trim that doesn’t have us reefing every half hour but still keeps us moving during the low spots.

Today we had enough sun that both battery banks are topped up.

We are now side-by-side with s/v Wavelength, a 49 ft Beneteau being deliverd back to LA from the PacCup. They are having battery problems and are trying to parse their fuel between charging and motoring through the low winds ahead.

Hope all is well.

Best, John, the Whoo in Owl

Had an airing out day today without spray and splashes we were able to open ports and hang things out to dry.  Took out all reefs first thing this morning.
1715 local time we are 27 49 N 160 47 W, 324 T @ 6.9 knots.  Wind is bending around to NE, presently 13 knots A.  We are headed NW as we have to and a high will develop in our path if we continued north.  Our plan is to skirt the high to the west.  Any thoughts?
All is well.  It has been one of the most beautiful days on the ocean this past summer.
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Evening Report from Dolfin

Dolfin at 0200 UTC:
Pos: 33 21’N,  131 43’W
Course 290M
Speed 1.2kts drifting
Wind 0-4kts
Seas: flat with 2ft swell
The Singlehanded Transpac Return Fleet Net has seemed to run it’s course and only Morning Star and Dolfin come up on the radio.  We plan to keep the same sked on 6B but without a net control or scribe (we miss you Beetle).
Dolfin is still basically becalmed and drifting rather rapidly back to Hawaii.  I tried sailing twice today for a total of 7.3 miles, not necessarily in the right direction.  There just is a wind hole maybe 140 miles wide between Dolfin and the NE winds on the other side and not enough fuel (or wind) to cross it for the next several days although we will keep trying.  Provisions are fine and so is the scenery so there is a silver lining.
As of 0200 UTC Lee gave Morning Star’s position as 38 20’N, 138 56’W steering 090T at 5-6kts. His wind has been all over the map but now more southerly, helping him sail east.
We will talk again in the morning.
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SHTP return fleet 1700 UTC Aug 6 radio net recap

Bill/Dolfin was net control for the 1700 UTC net on 6B.
position reports
riff rider  – no report received –
kynntana  –  has arrived under the gate in san francisco
rainbow      – arrived san francisco –
nightmare  – 38 42’N x 126 26’W  088T  @ 5.0kts  wind 6-7  mixed seas
tiger beetle –  arrived in Neah Bay,WA
jacqueline  –  38 12’N x 127 30’W  098T  @ <3.0kts  wind 3kts  seas flat
dolfin      33 15’N x 131 47’W  356M  @ 0.4k, wind 2-4 seas flat    Still becalmed
morning star 38 24’N x 139 35”W 110T @ <3.0k, wind 3-5 seas 5-7ft
madrone      – no report received –
owl    –    see below e-mail
iris        – see below e-mail
Nightmare’s wind finally shifted w-nw last night.  This morning it’s out of the north. Sailing with full main and #2 jib .It was s glorious night with Mars, Jupiter, and Venus filling the sky along with the Milky Way. The three planets each casting a reflection on the water.
Mike slept in Jacquelin’s cockpit last night to avoid engine noise and also enjoyed the star show.
Dolfin still becalmed.  Gribs show no good motor path to wind for several days at least.  Current pulling him NW west 0.4kts.
15gal of fuel remaining won’t get him to wind so will have to wait till maybe the 9th.  All OK on board.
Morning Star moving slowly in south wind from the trof passing through.
SMS – NIGHTMARE, JACQUELINE and OWL all Report with indications that all is well:
Pos. 38 41.780n. 126 17.580w. Cse 088t Spd 4.7 Wind 6-7 north Seas mixed Long w-nw swell with 2 ft from north Beautiful sky last night Doing good
IRIS as of 2041 PST
Iris made 168 bumpy miles first 24 out of Hanalei.  Sunday wind has decreased to 20 to 22 rather than 25 to 27.  Vane, with new control lines,sail and spare paddle is steering fine.  Still sailing with reduced sail:  double reefed main and partially rolled 100% get me home jib.
Presently at 1725 local 335 UTC, we’re steering 352 T at 7 knots.
All is well.
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SHTP return fleet 0200 UTC Aug 6 radio net recap

Bill/Dolfin was net control for the 1700 UTC net on 6B.
position reports
riff rider  – no report received –
kynntana  –  no report received
rainbow      – arrived san francisco –
nightmare  – 38 54’N x 127 12’W  092T  4.5kts  wind 6-8  seas calm
tiger beetle –  arrived in Neah Bay
jacqueline  –  no report received
dolfin      33 12’N x 131 44’W  256M  @ 0.9k, wind 2-3 seas 1′  Still becalmed
morning star 38 19’N x 141 11”W 090T @ 5.0k, wind 6-10 seas 4-6′
madrone      – no report received –
owl    –    no report received -see e-mail below
iris        – no report received
Nightmare read for a while, played guitar, listened to some music.  Now the tough decision, what to fix for supper.
Pasta Primavera or Chana Masala.
Dolfin still becalmed.  Gribs show no good motor path to wind for several days at least.  Current pulling him back west at 20 miles a day. Lots of AIS ship targets, must be in shipping lane.  Had nice cockpit shower today and has enjoyed the serenity so far but this could get old fast.  Plenty of provisions.
Morning Star modified Monitor control lines and it’s much improved.
Via Email:
Hello All,
1524 hours Hawaii
33° 55 N/154°49′ W
SOG 5 KNOTS @69° M
WIND 10 TO 20 KNOTS @0° TO 320° M
BP 1019.4 mb

Very squally through the night and into the day. We have been finding the optimal way to handle such large changes in velocity and driection which cycle every hour or so.
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SHTP return fleet 1700 UTC Aug 5 radio net recap

Bill/Dolfin was net control for the 1700 UTC net on 6B.
position reports
riff rider  – no report received –
kynntana    38 01’N x 124 54’W 107T @ 5.5k, wind 11-12 seas 1-2′
rainbow      – arrived san francisco –
nightmare    38 02’N x 128 03’W 068T @ 3.0k, wind 3-5 seas calm
tiger beetle –  arrived Neah Bay, Washington
jacqueline  38 14’N x 130 02’W 099T @ 5.6k, wind 10-12 seas 1-2′
dolfin      33 13’N x 131 41’W  ?  @ 0.0k, wind 2-3 seas 1′
morning star 38 24’N x 142 09’W 085T @ 5.2k, wind 8-10 seas 6-8′
madrone      – no report received –
owl    –    see below
iris        – see below
Kynntana had a sleepless night but is happy to be getting close to the Gate.
Nightmare had a slow, drizzly evening.  Heard a squawk on the VHF but couldn’t make it out.
Tiger Beetle did not come up on the net, probably because he is getting some much deserved sleep in Neah Bay.
Jacqueline had perfect sailing yesterday but now plans to motor to 127W to catch the NW wind.
Dolfin has been becalmed since 0300 last night.  Gribs show no change in his location for maybe 3 days.  Has around 100 miles range left of diesel which won’t get him to wind so will clean stuff (himself) up, read lots of books and wait.
Morning Star is out of the heavy wind and sailing downwind toward SF where he plans to dock again in Alameda before the return trip south to SD.
Via Email:
SMS –  NIGHTMARE & JACQUELINE, OWL Report all is well
Email from IRIS:
Iris finally got out of Hanalei at 1320 local time. Left rain squalls in the bay for fresh trade winds of 25 knots.  Steering 355 mag 6.5 to 8 knots. 3 onboard.  All is well.  Rather bumpy.
Email From OWL:
Hello All,
33°24′ N/156°46′ W
SOG 5.1 KNOTS @50° M
WIND 11 KNOTS @355° M
BP 1023.2 mb
Motored through the night for total of 10 hours. Now sailing in relatively benign seas. Had large rain squall around 10am.  
Hope all is well.
John, the Whoo in Owl
Email from NIGHTMARE:
Pos. 39 02.646n. 128 01.985w. Cse 062t Spd 1.5 Wind calm Seas calm
Drifting All good aboard
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SHTP return fleet 0200 UTC Aug 5 radio net recap

Carliane/Kynntana was net control for this afternoon’s 0200 UTC net on 6B. Bill/Dolfin will be net control for the Sunday morning 1700 UTC net on 6B.
position reports
riff rider  – no report received –
kynntana    38 07’N x 126 52’W 102T @ 6.8k, wind 15k seas 3-4′
rainbow      – arrived san francisco –
nightmare    38 59’N x 128 59’W 080T @ 1.7k, wind 2.5k seas calm
tiger beetle 48 11’N x 125 50’W 070T @ 5.1k, motoring wind calm with 4′ swell
jacqueline  — no report received —
dolfin      33 27’N x 132 12’W 075M @ 3.5k, wind 5-8 seas calm
morning star — no report received —
madrone      – no position report received (see note below) –
owl          33 24’N x 156 46’W 050M @ 5.1k, wind 11k
iris        – no report received –
Kynntana says last night and today have been absolutely fantastic sailing. They have had mostly steady 12-13 knots of wind. Sea state has calmed a bit this evening. It looks like conditions are going to hold through the night, although maybe a little lighter on the wind. Expected arrival to Golden Gate Bridge is early morning Monday.
Nightmare says breeze picked up this morning and he set a light kite around 0700. Had 10 knots for a couple hours and it has slowly decreased since then. Right now, he thinks the swell is pushing him faster than the wind…
Tiger Beetle is still motoring along in glassy conditions towards Cape Flattery to Neah Bay. He plans to check into the marina there to get fuel and a long sleep. He spent part of today readying the dock lines and fenders. Has about 45 miles to go.
Dolfin says he’s planning to make way to Catalina Island where he will decompress before emerging into civilization again. He did that a few years ago and it was perfect. He is also looking forward to some hiking soon.
Madrone says they have found breeze!! They even flew the spinnaker last night. They are reporting 15-18 knots of wind and are psyched that they are now roaring along.
Owl has been motoring through the night for total of 10 hours. He is now sailing in relatively benign seas. Had large rain squall around 10am.
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