Daily Position Report 6.25 – as sent to Racers


Daily report. 6 25 18
News:  Mouton Noir has dropped, Elizabeth Ann has dropped. Libra has 
dropped out. Iris' tracker is online. Please listen on 16 and SSB 4 mHz 
primary channel at check in time.
Back up comm boat:  Bill Meanly is suggestion from RC.
You are all looking good, lots of eyes watching.

Crazy Rhythm,36.72,-125.74,06:12
Crinan II,35.9,-127.28,0451
Dark Horse, 36.9,-125,28,0618
Double Espresso,35.84,-127.2,0719
Elizabeth Ann, 38.07,-123.06,0928, retired
Iris,  36.40,-125.44,0512
Jacqueline, 36.46,-125.88,0731
Libra,37.86,-122.87,0752, retired
Morning Star,37.00,-124.74,0442
Mouton Noir, 37.80, -122.34, retired
Night Mare, 36.16,-126.92,0756
Owl, 36.52,-125.47,0711
Passages, 35.75,-126.71,0539
Rainbow, 35.96,-126.38,0612
Riff Rider, 36.00,-128.23,0716

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