Double Espresso – sub 2 weeks!


It’s been a wonderful process learning to sail Double Espresso and getting ready for the 2018 SHTP. I’ve received a lot of help from the SSS and the sailing community at large, for which I’m truly thankful. And now … the starting line has shown her smiling face, gleaming with promises.

I hear that there will be hard moments, tears will be shed; that there will be moments of pure happiness, tears will be shed again; that there may be pain, tears will be shed again. And it may rain too washing it all out. I wonder if all tears taste the same or the source they spring from flavor each drop. Would a tear of joy taste sweeter?

With less than 2 weeks until race start I’ve been looking at the weather to see if something stabilizes out there. So far the EPAC High seems to be all over the place. Numerous cold fronts have been moving in. Cut off lows are moving out. Hurricanes are forming South of us. Through all of that I’ll have to find a path to get to Hawaii. I don’t know how they do it but Navigators have my respect; how they can take all the available information and gamble a winning route is something close to sorcery.

I wish all the virgin racers to have the time of their life and to those who’ve been there before to again find what they’re looking for.

Fair winds.