Taste testing Mai Tais for arrivals

Mai tai taste testing occurred today at the little yellow house, with Synthia carefully measuring out rum, pineapple juice, squishing limes and wondering whether the race committee needs to spend a bit more for grenadine syrup. Between tastes Synthia discussed the importance of staying within budget. The suggestion was made to serve only the sailors as they arrive, and locking up the liquor in between arrivals, but that idea was rejected as too severe.

Waiting waiting waiting …


So, what are we doing today while we wait for the sailors to make landfall? We’re measuring plaques for the trophies,

baking bread

and hanging our radio from the tree outside the kitchen.

The black cat is cleaning its fur in the sun. Rob Macfarlane has finished cleaning the bottom of Tiger Beetle and will come by in awhile. Christine Weaver and Jonathan Gutoff have arrived in Lihue and will come by after they set up at their little cottage. David called his mother, Synthia called hers

and I will call mine soon. We are in a state of suspended animation.

More pink bucket inspired writing from PJ

7.4.18 in the a.m.

I’m about 150 miles from the finish line. I was feeling so nervous, uneasy, apprehensive about all the stuff that can still go wrong that I decided to put some music on to unwind my unruly mind. In many ways I feel like I could carry on, being the vessel’s caretaker, coming out of my burrows to tend to her needs.
I was told that tears would be shed. It did happen once for me. I was continuously beating myself, pointing at all the flaws, and this one voice finally came out and said: you’re doing something truly exceptional and you’re doing it well, you are NOT a piece of shit. If only I could stop feeling like one. Writing this the tears are coming back. It’s the music, I swear.
So then, it happened twice …

Fourth of July @ Command Central

Fourth of July and Synthia Petroka is making pancakes. Rob Macfarlane is launching his dinghy and paddling in for breakfast. The Commodore is programming the finish pin into his handheld radio and the sun is shining.

Synthia’s response to this photo? “Now everyone will know that I am a domestic goddess!”

On the chicken front, we are tossing stuff out to the demanding hen and her pullets. They don’t like banana peels, but apple cores pass muster. Picky picky!

Sunny sky here with some fluffy clouds. Looking forward to welcoming our sailors, feeding them, listening to them snore from the corner of the room.

Philippe: “let the boat do its thing”

I knew I didn’t have a great day yesterday, although at 182 miles it’s still pretty good; the other guys had a swell day! 198 miles for Passages and Nightmare, 188 for Crinan II. Cool, well, no …
I had my sunrise surprise again this morning. Exact same scenario it’s mind blowing. In the companionway, looking at the East hoping for a sunrise, the AP goes out. I now know what to: release the jibe preventer, let the boat do its thing, turn off for a bit and back on. Try again as necessary. Batteries are good …
On to breakfast then.

back on the night train run to Hanalei for PJ

We’re back on the night train run to Hanalei. I took the opportunity of light air to apply Dacron sticky back on a previous repair patch on the #2’s tack. I hope this helps hold it together until the finish. I also tightened up the foot line to stop the fluttering. And last I reset the pole ring as somehow the pin had come loose.
Pfew I don’t know what that was but no more please! Insert pretty pleading eyes here
PJ on DE

Photos of Command Central

The most important ingredient in Hanalei Bay for us are the sailors who participate in this little event we call the Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race. Even though there are only 19 sailors, they are our sailors and they are impressive, indeed.

In the absence of photos of dirty, sleep deprived people, and until they arrive, here are images of the Little Yellow House

The decompression chamber, where people sleep until loved ones come to collect them

Outdoor shower, where stinky sailors luxuriate after weeks at sea

transportation to the grocery store and just for fun

Chickens and Cats

Up with the rooster in Hanalei Bay. The little yellow house came with a black cat and, of course, lots of chickens. A bag of cat food was left for the former, which the Commodore dutifully poured for the cat, only to catch the hen and her chicks eating it. 

What’s on the agenda today for the RC? We await Larry and the crates full of sailor goodies like anchors, three outboard engines, four dinghies etc.

Then, of course, there is Larry’s Committee boat, with its outboard engine which in 2016 had some starter issues. It ran just fine, once Al Germain figured out how to prime the pump just so and jiggle the handle this way first, then … ah!… that way. So it all worked out.

Family and friends who want to go out and greet their racer? As many can go as the boat will hold, and life jackets are available. Just let us know. And if your racer sails into the bay at 3 am? Well, we’ll be there.