David Clark and s/v Passages finished

David finished the 2018 Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race on July 5, 2018 @ 23:08:01 PDT.


The race committee drove to Princeville and found a place overlooking the cliffs where we could see that little tiny white sail far away!!!

IMG-3464 (1)

See movie of Passages above, upload it to your big screen tv and you’ll be able to see David’s Olson 30 passing the light on Kilauea Point.

We were able to make radio contact and learned that Passages was approximately 9 nm out.



“It’s pretty nice out here” says Dolfin Bill

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is out here today because that might jinx us.  So I won’t mention the warm, steady trades blowing 15-20, the seas smoothing as the cross swell diminishes, the beginning of puffy tradewind clouds, the vast expanse of the sea all around with no hint of the distant civilization over the horizon, just the soft moan of the wind, the sound of breaking waves and of  clear blue seas rushing past Dolfin”s hull.  I can’t tell you any of this because then Mother Nature might take it away.

But I can tell you is it’s pretty nice out here.


Mike and his AP

i have had an interesting voyage of discovery with my ray ev1 AP. the pilot has three settings: performance, cruising and leisure. i have found them more like Chihuahua on drugs, Chihuahua on less drugs and “the dude”. the Chihuahuas consume power like crazy and steer downwind as their name implies, whacky and somewhat demented. they do stuff, you just go….what???  “the dude” however is perfect downwind. just like you would expect after a few White Russians. i wish i had discovered “the dude”three days ago.

Logistics and Serious Decision-making

Thursday July 5, 2018

Now that the race committee has successfully recovered our first sailor  we are feeling pretty darned successful. Commodore Dave thought he had the whole committee boat deal nailed down, but then when the boat showed up  the engine wouldn’t start. So we called SSS stalwart and premier bug collector Rob Macfarlane, anchored in Hanalei Bay on Tiger Beetle.

“Hey, Rob? Can you help us recover a sleep deprived sailor?”

“Sure!” said Rob. So he revved up his own dinghy, collected Synthia and they went to recover PJ this morning at 4am. PJ was in great condition until he took a nap. That seemed to knock him out, and now he wants to go back out to his boat. (“She was so good to me!”) Who can figure?

Here’s a little video of the Sea Squirrel re-imagined: that is, after Larry did some magic to get her running for us. David and Synthia are going to bring her ’round Princeville for sure this time.

IMG-3457 (1)


“i feel like i’m in boot camp”: Mike C

another day of sunshine and 25 to 20 kt trades. i have lost count of the number of reefs i have done and undone. my boat likes a full main to about 20 kts so not so bad but yesterday it was up and down and up and down. OK Mr. Cunningham gimme a reef…NOW!  now take it out, now put it back in. i feel like i’m in boot camp. man i wish i had that spinnaker!!!

i keep a couple of ratchet straps on board. got a bad foul in a reefing line and was able to use the ratchet strap as a temporary reef while i got the tangle sorted out. i would think ratchets would corrode like crazy but they hold up surprisingly well and give you some otions when something awkward needs pulling or squeezing or tying down. they are cheap too.

apparently the RC is serving MaiTais in Hanalei. there better be some left when we arrive.

later the same day:

its getting hot out here. time for some nude sailing. i dont suppose Rimpac has any drones or spy satellites overhead. wouldnt want to frighten anyone.

The Belgian has landed!

Finish Time: first over the line in the 2018 Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race: Philippe Jamotte on Double Espresso, Olson 30 = with a finish time of 8:38:11 PDT, Elapsed time: 11 days, 21 hours, 13 minutes, 15 seconds

Hanalei Bay at dawn

Here’s a video of the race committee traipsing around the Princeville Golf Course, hoping to make radio contact with Double Espresso as he approached the finish. Philippe said he heard us on his handheld, but had turned his masthead antenna off. What terrors awaited the RC in the wilds of Princeville? A ten inch centipede (“Don’t touch that!”) and big fat toads sitting in the middle of the muddy path. Said Synthia, “Oh! I think I just kicked a toad!”)

Tracking down the elusive singlehander

Fancy yacht club decks? Not for the SSS Race Committee! A log will do us just fine, might fine.

As we crossed the road to the little yellow house, stepping through the mud puddles, Philippe’s comment was: “This is a much different welcome than a singlehander would have in France. Not that I’m complaining. That would be so overwhelming.” ;-/

Philippe landing

The Sea Squirrel has arrived!

The committee boat has arrived

David and Synthia are bringing it ’round from the other side of Princeville. Because of the recent flooding (see Hanalei Flood, above) there is no launching of boats via the River. Here is Synthia, dressed for serious boating.

When told that the Sea Squirrel can be …., well, squirrelly … Synthia was asked if she thought she could fix it if necessary. Synthia’s response? “Engines and I get along just fine as long as they work.”

“you have to make it happen” says Mike C

now this is more like it, sunny day wind blowing 20 -25 kts on lower side. sweet sailing. i tell you though, i am looking forward to the finish. folks dont know how grueling this is. day after day of 3 axis movement, tough getting adequate sleep, continuous motivation needed to get things done and keep racing. its a hard thing to sustain.

no choice though, which is one of the attractions. you have to make it happen.  its often too easy to quit stuff, not this game.