Aug 13 Return Reports

From Morning Star : The wind vane failed last night – the shaft holding the water paddle broke off. (Still no autopilot.) I hand steered for a couple of hours, then hove to for the balance of the night to rest and await daylight to make repairs. I have now replaced broken shaft and re-attached paddle. It all seems in order, so I will be getting underway again.
At 8/13/2018 14:08 (utc) our position was 37°38.11’N 123°59.81’W
Dolfin on 8/13 at 0200 UTC
Pos: 33 15’N,  120 20’W
Course 054M
Speed 4.2kts
Wind  NW 6-10kts
Seas: 1-2ft
Closer (95 Miles) but maybe not quite enough wind or fuel to actually get there by happy hour tomorrow.  Tantalizingly close though.  Almost DDW in light breeze, trying to sail to the polars. That’s not exactly where I want to go but it’s better than nothing.  I can almost taste that cheezeburger in paradise.

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