Aug 10 and 11 e-mails from IRIS

IRIS on August 10:
1445 local time:
Wind increased as darkness approached last night and roller furler did not work so we dropped jib and hoisted baby storm staysail for the night.  Today figured out that furler was jamming on spare halyard at top which had been set forward as back up forestay.  So we’re flying 100% jib again with full main set. Also adjusted fore / aft setting of mast by releasing all backstays, preventer on main and vang then pulling in jury rigged amsteel at primary.  Seems good now.
Have been under power for 3 hours and will shut down momentarily.  Made 113 miles past 24.  Can now do better once we start to turn right and if grib predictions are accurate that will be tomorrow.
35 01 N
164 16 W
steering 12 T (looks like helmsman has already turned east) at 6.9 knots under economy power of 1900 rpms
wind ENE at 8.
Cheers to Owl for sorting steering issues.
IRIS on August 11:
Big news from Iris is that we turned corner and are now headed in somewhat right direction.  Turned at 0900 this Sat morning.  Had nice SSE breeze of 14 but has now died to 7.
at 1440 we are
37 08 N
163 44 W trying to steer 34 mag at 5 knots or less.
Caught another Mahi Mahi this morning but hung up hook again as we have more than enough fish for time being.
Cheers, John

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