8/11 return email reports

Dolfin on 8/11 at 0200 UTC
Pos: 32 40’N,  125 37’W
Course 085M
Speed 6.0kts
Wind  NNE 15-18kts
Seas: 4-6ft sloppy
No whining.  That explains my lack of a morning report.  Conditions are slightly better now but still close reaching in moderately strong wind and sloppy seas so spent most of today below napping.  The wind should veer to the north over night and we should begin to have a more comfortable point of sail.  360 miles to go to Catalina.
As of 0200 UTC Lee reports that Morning Star was at 38 19’N, 126 54’W steering 115T at 6.5 kts.  His wind is 15-18kts and seas 2-4ft.  If his progress holds, Lee hopes to enter the Gate Monday morning and plans to dock in Alameda.  His passage to San Diego will wait a few days or weeks.

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