8/9 reports

Dolfin on 8/9 at 1700 UTC
Pos: 33 28’N,  131 01’W
Course 195M
Speed 0.7kts drifting
Wind ? 1-3kts
Seas: glassy
Nothing interesting to report.  Drifting all night waiting for NE wind which should arrive this evening.  No contact with Morning Star on 6B this morning so nothing to report from Lee.
Dolfin on 8/9 at 0200 UTC
Pos: 33 18’N,  130 40’W
Course 080M
Speed 4.6kts
Wind NNE 5-8kts
Seas: 1-2ft
Dolfin may have found the wind she’s been waiting for.  We went from glassy calm lost night and most of the day to a light northerly breeze three hours ago.  Hopefully the high is now west of us and moving away.  Gribs show at least three days of northerly wind which should get us close to home.  Still have 15 gal of fuel.
As of 0200 UTC Lee reports wonderful sailing all day in 10-12kts our of the south and 3-5ft seas.  Morning Star’s position is 38 36’N, 131 55’W steering 095T at 5.3 kts.  Lee is looking to catch up on sleep tonight after busy last night.
I did awaken to the email from John describing Owl’s encounter with the whales though.  My best wishes go out to him and am glad he has Rusty along as crew.  Fortunately Owl is a sound vessel and John a capable skipper so I’m confident they will prevail and arrive home with some good stories to tell.
I was awakened from my 1000 nap this morning by a loud BANG!  The mast wasn’t coming down but the 2″ by 5/8th” forestay stem fitting had parted leaving the jib and roller furling off to leeward.  Thank goodness I had carried the staysail stay with me and that I had installed it the morning of our departure. After setting wire halyards as forestays crew and I had discussions on whether to turn back to Honolulu or continue on at a much reduced speed until winds are aft the beam.  We decided to continue. Presently have the main reefed and a very small storm staysail set and we celebrate when we brake 5 knots.  So you will understand our tracker speeds.
Congratulations to those who have arrived home.  Our homecoming will be somewhat delayed.
I should add that this afternoon Mike and I secured the roller furling and stay by taking some old amsteel line and with four to one purchase lead it back to a primary and tightened.  We have hope to use it off the wind.
31 46 N
163 02 W presently steering 4 at 4.6 knots.
S/V MADRONE is safe in Sausalito.

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