8/10 reports return group

Dolfin on 8/10 at 1700 UTC
Pos: 33 06’N,  129 06’W
Course 087M
Speed 6.5kts
Wind  NNE 14-18kts
Seas: 3-4ft
Good wind now but probably got a little rusty on the sailing part after the last five days, Reefed down and moving well with wind just forward of the beam.  I have 11 AIS targets at the moment.  Just 530 miles left to Catalina.  Dolfin is happy.
No contact with Morning Star on 6B this morning so nothing to report from Lee.
Dolfin on 8/10 at 0200 UTC
Pos: 33 01’N,  128 08’W
Course 085M
Speed 5.0kts
Wind  NNE 15-20kts
Seas: 4-6ft sloppy
More than enough wind now. Running with dbl reefed main and staysail only, no jib.  Close reaching in really sloppy seas to keep from going further south where wind isn’t so good and TS John is hanging  out.  Lot of pounding and water over the dodger.
As of 0200 UTC Lee reports that he motored 10 hrs today in light conditions but is now sailing on very pleasant seas.  Morning Star’s position is 38 22’N, 129 25’W steering 095T at 4.5 kts.
 from OWL:

Hi All,
1929 hours Hawaii (utc – 10)
37°00′ N/145°18′ W
SOG 5.2 KT @42° M (MOTORING)
WIND 6 KT @032° M
BP 1019.3 MB
The breeze fell off early this morning so we have been motoring since shortly before 5am.
We have been using the hydraulic ram on the funky rudder and it is working fine despite minor creaks and groans.
We are heading NE to catch a predicted northish wind which will allow us to sail towards the coast. It looks like we are still about 10 days out. Seems like it’s been 10 days for several days now. We have about 1000 nm remaining to the GGB.
All well aboard.

Email From IRIS:
We thought we had problems then we read about John and Rusty aboard Owl.  All the best to them steering home.
It wasn’t until late afternoon today when we got the nerve to lift the 100% jib on the roller furling held by amsteel on an untested pin that just happened to be there.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed as we picked up nearly 2 knots.
If the grib files prediction hold true we should hang a right on Saturday and have the wind on our quarter but will have light wind Friday–tomorrow.
Stay tuned.  And thanks for being tuned and passing this info on.
1800 Thurs local time
33 26 N
163 40 W
333 T @ 6.4 knots
Wind E @ 13

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