8/8 email amalgamation

Dolfin on 8/8 at 1700 UTC
Pos: 33 33’N,  131 47’W
Course 065M
Speed 4.6kts
Wind S 5-7kts
Seas: flat
Sat in the cockpit with my morning cereal, felt a breeze, gulped breakfast, raised sails and moving nicely now east.  But these southerlies are the west side of the little low siting on me and will only lead me to the easterlies on the bottom, too light to really do anything with.  Whatever, we’re sailing now and in the right direction.  Still looking for the high to move out tomorrow night and give back the northerlies that will carry us to the coast (or at least near it- that’s what I’m saving fuel for).
As of 1700 UTC Lee gave Morning Star’s position as 38 40’N, 134 59’W steering 080T at 4.0 kts. He has 15-25 kts from the SSE with 4-6ft choppy seas.  Expecting strong W-NW winds when the trof goes past.
1:53pm PST
Pos. 37 52.680n. 122 55.300w
Cse 084t
Spd 7.2
Wind 18
Seas 4-6
Finally getting a moment to put together a report
Win increased yesterday to 20-25 by 0000 hst.
Beam reaching with 10 ft seas, confused no less with a swell pattern and wind wave chop. Ugh!!
Throw in a half dozen ais targets heading into and out of the north traffic zone and you have your self one heck of a good time.
Did I mention the a/p quit again. Yep, drove for a while before I could get the drive swapped out.
Sleep? Well I’ve had some naps.
See you soon !
I’m back, we did it (boat and myself), it’s done, finito.
2768.44 nm. From Hanalei Bay to our slip in Richmond, SanFrancisco Bay.
It only took 509 hours and 29 minutes .
Three weeks.
What did I have for dinner? Vegetable spring rolls and garlic noodles with veggies!
Highlights, beautiful blue ocean, fast close reaching for days, albatross, dolphin, rainbows, star filled nights, being ok with being alone, being ok with me, finding the limits of my abilities.,
I know there is more but I am ready to sleep for a while



Hi All,
1513 hours Hawaii Time (UTC – 10)
35°09′ N/149°45: W
SOG 6.8 KT @ 55° M
WIND 21 KT @322° M
BP 1012.9 mb

Hi All,
First, it appears that some of my reports have not been transmitted due to a fumble on my part. Sorry about that. I am working on the problem. If you don’t get this please be sure to let me know.

We have had a pretty wild ride the last two nights with large swells and wind in the mid twenties. Fortunately, the wind is on the port beam so we are generally making good time. The wind is highly variable…10 to 25 knots within an hour…so it has been trial and error to find a sail plan and trim that doesn’t have us reefing every half hour but still keeps us moving during the low spots.

Today we had enough sun that both battery banks are topped up.

We are now side-by-side with s/v Wavelength, a 49 ft Beneteau being deliverd back to LA from the PacCup. They are having battery problems and are trying to parse their fuel between charging and motoring through the low winds ahead.

Hope all is well.

Best, John, the Whoo in Owl

Had an airing out day today without spray and splashes we were able to open ports and hang things out to dry.  Took out all reefs first thing this morning.
1715 local time we are 27 49 N 160 47 W, 324 T @ 6.9 knots.  Wind is bending around to NE, presently 13 knots A.  We are headed NW as we have to and a high will develop in our path if we continued north.  Our plan is to skirt the high to the west.  Any thoughts?
All is well.  It has been one of the most beautiful days on the ocean this past summer.

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  1. Dear Iris

    Good to get your update
    Hope you have good winds and even more beautiful days

    You are missing way TOO much heat in Portland (95 and climbing)

    See you soon.👍

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