Evening Report from Dolfin

Dolfin at 0200 UTC:
Pos: 33 21’N,  131 43’W
Course 290M
Speed 1.2kts drifting
Wind 0-4kts
Seas: flat with 2ft swell
The Singlehanded Transpac Return Fleet Net has seemed to run it’s course and only Morning Star and Dolfin come up on the radio.  We plan to keep the same sked on 6B but without a net control or scribe (we miss you Beetle).
Dolfin is still basically becalmed and drifting rather rapidly back to Hawaii.  I tried sailing twice today for a total of 7.3 miles, not necessarily in the right direction.  There just is a wind hole maybe 140 miles wide between Dolfin and the NE winds on the other side and not enough fuel (or wind) to cross it for the next several days although we will keep trying.  Provisions are fine and so is the scenery so there is a silver lining.
As of 0200 UTC Lee gave Morning Star’s position as 38 20’N, 138 56’W steering 090T at 5-6kts. His wind has been all over the map but now more southerly, helping him sail east.
We will talk again in the morning.

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