SHTP return fleet 1700 UTC Aug 6 radio net recap

Bill/Dolfin was net control for the 1700 UTC net on 6B.
position reports
riff rider  – no report received –
kynntana  –  has arrived under the gate in san francisco
rainbow      – arrived san francisco –
nightmare  – 38 42’N x 126 26’W  088T  @ 5.0kts  wind 6-7  mixed seas
tiger beetle –  arrived in Neah Bay,WA
jacqueline  –  38 12’N x 127 30’W  098T  @ <3.0kts  wind 3kts  seas flat
dolfin      33 15’N x 131 47’W  356M  @ 0.4k, wind 2-4 seas flat    Still becalmed
morning star 38 24’N x 139 35”W 110T @ <3.0k, wind 3-5 seas 5-7ft
madrone      – no report received –
owl    –    see below e-mail
iris        – see below e-mail
Nightmare’s wind finally shifted w-nw last night.  This morning it’s out of the north. Sailing with full main and #2 jib .It was s glorious night with Mars, Jupiter, and Venus filling the sky along with the Milky Way. The three planets each casting a reflection on the water.
Mike slept in Jacquelin’s cockpit last night to avoid engine noise and also enjoyed the star show.
Dolfin still becalmed.  Gribs show no good motor path to wind for several days at least.  Current pulling him NW west 0.4kts.
15gal of fuel remaining won’t get him to wind so will have to wait till maybe the 9th.  All OK on board.
Morning Star moving slowly in south wind from the trof passing through.
SMS – NIGHTMARE, JACQUELINE and OWL all Report with indications that all is well:
Pos. 38 41.780n. 126 17.580w. Cse 088t Spd 4.7 Wind 6-7 north Seas mixed Long w-nw swell with 2 ft from north Beautiful sky last night Doing good
IRIS as of 2041 PST
Iris made 168 bumpy miles first 24 out of Hanalei.  Sunday wind has decreased to 20 to 22 rather than 25 to 27.  Vane, with new control lines,sail and spare paddle is steering fine.  Still sailing with reduced sail:  double reefed main and partially rolled 100% get me home jib.
Presently at 1725 local 335 UTC, we’re steering 352 T at 7 knots.
All is well.

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