SHTP return fleet 0200 UTC Aug 6 radio net recap

Bill/Dolfin was net control for the 1700 UTC net on 6B.
position reports
riff rider  – no report received –
kynntana  –  no report received
rainbow      – arrived san francisco –
nightmare  – 38 54’N x 127 12’W  092T  4.5kts  wind 6-8  seas calm
tiger beetle –  arrived in Neah Bay
jacqueline  –  no report received
dolfin      33 12’N x 131 44’W  256M  @ 0.9k, wind 2-3 seas 1′  Still becalmed
morning star 38 19’N x 141 11”W 090T @ 5.0k, wind 6-10 seas 4-6′
madrone      – no report received –
owl    –    no report received -see e-mail below
iris        – no report received
Nightmare read for a while, played guitar, listened to some music.  Now the tough decision, what to fix for supper.
Pasta Primavera or Chana Masala.
Dolfin still becalmed.  Gribs show no good motor path to wind for several days at least.  Current pulling him back west at 20 miles a day. Lots of AIS ship targets, must be in shipping lane.  Had nice cockpit shower today and has enjoyed the serenity so far but this could get old fast.  Plenty of provisions.
Morning Star modified Monitor control lines and it’s much improved.
Via Email:
Hello All,
1524 hours Hawaii
33° 55 N/154°49′ W
SOG 5 KNOTS @69° M
WIND 10 TO 20 KNOTS @0° TO 320° M
BP 1019.4 mb

Very squally through the night and into the day. We have been finding the optimal way to handle such large changes in velocity and driection which cycle every hour or so.

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