Mike’s Lists

Last night at sea, knock on wood. Easy to find aboard Jacqueline because every last piece is squeaking.

Beautiful evening with Dolfin’s lights in sight. Hard to believe we can see each other after 2144 nm at sea.

Now I have turned my attention to obsessing about finish to do’s. I often wonder if I am some sort of to do list obsessive/compulsive. No to do list? Get that on a to do list pronto. I have little scraps of paper all over the boat with cryptic tasks which i cant even remember what they are. My handwriting doesn’t help. “go get the tractor fabricated” what the hell was that? ¬†probably important.

New to do…Improve handwriting.

One thought on “Mike’s Lists”

  1. Mike, your posts are so wonderful, funny, real and poignant! THANK YOU!!! And to everyone else……..My thoughts and mojo are with all of you brave and badass sailors as you trickle into Hanalei Bay this week. I wish I could be there with you under the tree, but alas, I cannot be. So, please know that I am with you all in spirit!!! -Margie

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