“It’s pretty nice out here” says Dolfin Bill

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is out here today because that might jinx us.  So I won’t mention the warm, steady trades blowing 15-20, the seas smoothing as the cross swell diminishes, the beginning of puffy tradewind clouds, the vast expanse of the sea all around with no hint of the distant civilization over the horizon, just the soft moan of the wind, the sound of breaking waves and of  clear blue seas rushing past Dolfin”s hull.  I can’t tell you any of this because then Mother Nature might take it away.

But I can tell you is it’s pretty nice out here.


2 thoughts on ““It’s pretty nice out here” says Dolfin Bill”

  1. Sounds like a perfect day for you and Dolfin. Hope Mother Nature treats you kindly all the way to the finish.

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