“i feel like i’m in boot camp”: Mike C

another day of sunshine and 25 to 20 kt trades. i have lost count of the number of reefs i have done and undone. my boat likes a full main to about 20 kts so not so bad but yesterday it was up and down and up and down. OK Mr. Cunningham gimme a reef…NOW!  now take it out, now put it back in. i feel like i’m in boot camp. man i wish i had that spinnaker!!!

i keep a couple of ratchet straps on board. got a bad foul in a reefing line and was able to use the ratchet strap as a temporary reef while i got the tangle sorted out. i would think ratchets would corrode like crazy but they hold up surprisingly well and give you some otions when something awkward needs pulling or squeezing or tying down. they are cheap too.

apparently the RC is serving MaiTais in Hanalei. there better be some left when we arrive.

later the same day:

its getting hot out here. time for some nude sailing. i dont suppose Rimpac has any drones or spy satellites overhead. wouldnt want to frighten anyone.

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