Fourth of July @ Command Central

Fourth of July and Synthia Petroka is making pancakes. Rob Macfarlane is launching his dinghy and paddling in for breakfast. The Commodore is programming the finish pin into his handheld radio and the sun is shining.

Synthia’s response to this photo? “Now everyone will know that I am a domestic goddess!”

On the chicken front, we are tossing stuff out to the demanding hen and her pullets. They don’t like banana peels, but apple cores pass muster. Picky picky!

Sunny sky here with some fluffy clouds. Looking forward to welcoming our sailors, feeding them, listening to them snore from the corner of the room.

2 thoughts on “Fourth of July @ Command Central”

  1. Hi, I’m Dennis on s/v Pamela, the little Pacific Seacraft 37 on Hanalei bay. I sailed in from SF a month ago. I’m looking forward to watching the fleet roll into the bay very soon. Where’s ‘command central’ — one of the houses on Weke Rd I presume? I’d like to come by sometime and say hi!

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