Double Espresso says “Start all over again …”

Not your typical day
Today was different. The morning wind thought it was afternoon and we made better progress than usual, or so it seemed to me. I was quite excited about the afternoon ride but it was not to be, quite the contrary. We’re now doing less than 5 kts. What looked like a squall but apparently wasn’t showed its head from behind. It didn’t cross my path, instead it veered the wind 50 degrees and left a patch of light air behind. Then a small rainy squall followed and it did its thing. It took probably another hour before the wind came back to the original direction, but much lighter. I’m looking astern and see no white caps … Oh, I don’t like this.
Back after a couple hours we’re on a light air beam reach … It’s the start all over again. I sure hope all the other guys are/will get their fair share of this. 5 kts of wind …
One more thing…
After we got started again an ominous cloud formation appeared on my starboard bow (probably was there for a while) and the wind started to veer. I decided to go South of it and the wind is coming down a bit. I went back to some of the SSS and PacCup handouts and this fits the description of what I would experience if that thing is a tropical depression. I hope it’s moving a little North … Didn’t see that on the weather charts.

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