Dark Horse bucked…

Dark Horse Update 7.3.18, 10 PM PST
This is a report from Shad’s shoreside contacts following a SatPhone conversation.  On Tuesday evening, Dark Horse experienced a knockdown that took out one of his 120W solar panels. He still has one 120W panel left as well as a 48W panel left (70% of original charging capacity). Everything else on the boat, including Shad, is fully operational. He slept 6-8 hours last night, is eating and drinking and plans to stay up all night driving to conserve power.  He has been in contact with these boats around him on SSB: Dolfin, Morning Star, Iris, Rainbow, and Owl. [RC was able to listen in and Shad’s nearby fellow competitors are monitoring his situation and are ready to divert and assist; so far no need.]

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