Phillippe is a little sleepy

We’re still making our way to Hanalei Bay, under poled out jib and full main. For the past 4-5 days the mornings started slow with this sail plan and then picked up a little afternoon. At night things picked up a little more and we made good progress. I didn’t see squalls this past night.
My activities on the boat are fairly minimal. I take care of myself, do daily deck checks, check keel and rudder twice a day, monitor heading and adjust the AP regularly to keep us on track or off sailing by the lee, get Grib files and weather charts now and then, and communicate a little with the “world”.
We’re doing 7+ kts on a COG of about 240T. I wonder what it’s like to watch the race. I also wonder how the other skippers are sailing their boat. It looks like Nightmare is going hard!
I mostly sleep on the cabin floor now. It’s still noisy and my mattress is about 1 foot wide but I find it easier to relax there.
Fatigue from sleep deprivation has settled in and I’m being cautious with everything I do.
It’s time I start to think about the finish line. It looks like I’m due for a night arrival, which may mean beating to shore.
I’m not writing much about my surroundings as much as been said before. It is blue, beautiful and breathing!
Everything, movements, sounds, seem to join forces to make me feel sleepy … I’m going for my morning nap.

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