Mike C “don’t need no stinking wheel”. 


well, i knew it couldnt last. dolfin bill left me in the dust. i was sailing too conservatively with a sail plan for weather that was forecast, not the weather we had. not to mention, bill knows how to sail the heck out of his boat. maybe i can find a way to catch up.

did a rather interesting repair on the boat today. my backup raymarine wheel pilot started binding probably because of the salt storm during the windy reach. anyway, it was causing my belowdecks linear drive to work OT to overcome the resistance. i decided to pull the wheel pilot off. which means the wheel has to come off. no drama, i dont need no stinking wheel.

the linear is connected to a tiller arm on the rudder stock. so off the wheel came,drove the boat about 10 miles with no streering wheel thinking all the time “please linear drive do not decide to fail right now”

wow, dramatically lower power consumption on the linear. i should have removed that wheel pilot long ago.



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