And more carnage…

From Double Espresso:
What a night! It all started with late afternoon squalls then the night squalls. They were rapidly following each other and were preceded by a bit of rain. We were running under full main and poled out #2. It was exhilarating. After driving through a bunch of them to get a sense of how they work I set the autopilot on and moved in my downstairs apartments. Then laid in the pipe berth. At some point we got rocked 90 degrees to port and the autopilot slowly got us back on track. I didn’t make much of it. I went on deck later during the night and discovered that the jibe preventer wasn’t on the boom anymore, not only that the whole line was gone. It was made fast to the boom with a snap shackle to a fuse line and then routed back to the cabin through a cam cleat. I rigged a new one.
The morning came and as I was watching astern hoping for our first sunrise, the auto pilot stopped working. It was still on but wouldn’t go in auto mode. I wasn’t sure what to do next. First I had to recover the boat, which was now going backwards with the wind in the jib and main aback, poled out and preventer on. I eased out the preventer and was able to regain control. From then on I tried different things with the goal to continue moving forward ASAP. I managed to get the spare autopilot and it worked, then no more. I thought it was the batteries again (I had been monitoring them though). I got the generator and chargers out and  started that out. At that point I was still sailing to Hanalei with main only as I managed to drop the 2.
In the end a restart of the autopilot seemed to fix this.
I wanted to be a little faster without encumbering the deck so I poled out the #3.
And finally, a couple hours later, the batteries were at 75%, I stowed the generator down and poled out the 2 again. Then I brought back the generator to finish the charging.
It looks like another slow start to the day. The position report said I was 555 miles away from the finish … I like that 555. SailGrib says I may arrive Thursday 5am pdt. No fireworks then …
The cabin has remained somewhat organized. There’s just too much stuff aboard.
I do feel tired having helmed through the squalls and dealt with the fallout of this morning incident. A quiet room with soft music please …
I’m left with a few bruises and scratches, pain in the right hip and tip of the right index. Pfew things could have been worse. Imagine this happening during a squall …
rcvd 7/1 16:16 PDT

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  1. Courage Philippe reste attentif jusqu’à l’arrivée encore qqs heures et un gros ouf avec un bon bain et une bonne nuit .chez moi ils sont tous partis joe et Luna sont en train de prendre l’avion et nono et Nona en moto route vers chez eux nous avons passes d’excellents moments je t!’embrasse très fort je t’aime

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