Philippe: “Where is the sun? “

Sunday 7.1.18   Noon  …Where is the sun? I’m afraid I may have to put the generator back to work.
I saw those pop corn clouds yesterday. They’re cute and shy, hiding behind the cloud cover.
We saw squalls and rain during the night, some stars too. I mostly staid inside back in the pipe berth. I dropped the 3 before closing shop and put it back up this morning.
You know … I wouldn’t mind arriving in Hanalei Bay when they start up the fireworks. But that’s my grandiose thinking at work again and a safe landfall is cool too.
For those in the know I’ve got three heads! A pink one, just for me. A small white one for the kiddos and a green one I keep in the stern lazarette for the guests.
I noticed pictures don’t look great so sorry about that.
It’s another slow start for the day. With twin jibs the boat lights up right about 15 kts of wind, when everything works together. Below that it’s not pretty and a spinnaker would help. I considered that for a moment this morning and then declined.
I have rigged an afterguy on the whisker pole and hopefully that’ll help prevent the crazy wrap I got when I jibed this sail plan for the first time. I’ve rehearsed the steps and thought about ways to depower or drop the rig. Wind is supposed to go up so … Better be ready …
Out …

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