Delivery Boy aka PJ hits magic threshold of wind

3pm pdt, the wind has hit the magic threshold. Below that we’re just plain slow. I feel really blessed to have been advised to get a whisker pole for the #2 and to have found one on Craigslist. It’s made all the difference.
For the past few days it’s been the same scenario. The wind petters out at sunrise and remains puffy in the 9-14 kts of range. I look at my 6 spinnakers, begging me to “pick me, pick me”. “You’ve got the wrong guy”, I say, “I’m just the delivery boy.”
According to the forecast the wind should stay above that threshold until Hanalei. I sure hope so.
I wonder how Dave is sailing his O30.
Less than 700 nm to go; I don’t think I’ll see the fireworks 🙂
rcvd 15:48 PDT 7/1

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