Swells are not so swell for spinnies – so just breathe

Good afternoon from Double Espresso,
The temperature is rising and the sky is still overcast. Yesterday came with winds too light for my sailplan and I got crushed 40 miles by almost everyone. I knew it had been a poor day; when the official position report came in … it was a wake up call. This is all because I don’t have experience with spinnakers in a sea state. Sailing in flat seas is one thing but here the boat changes course 30 degrees in a split second. During my preparation this never came up. In fact I only realized this shortcoming during the race to the Farallon Islands. Most everybody spoke of keeping the spinnaker up in strong breeze but that’s only secondary to putting it up in light breeze in the first place, in a rolling sea, to keep speed up. Maybe it was obvious and I just missed it. Oh well …
I’ll go do some breathing to flush the disappointment out and look forward. We probably have another 4-5 days to Hanalei. The wind is supposed to pick up so I need to focus on not breaking anything if that materializes.
rcvd 6/30 15:45 PDT

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