On Double Espresso: “Even sleeping is work here!”

6.27.18     7 pm

In no particular order here are a few of the things that happened today.
I discovered that one of the solar panels’ fuse had tripped. I may not have to use the generator again if only the sun could peak through. I am managing energy as frugally as reasonable.
The radar reflector cut through one of his lanyard and is hanging lose. I don’t know that I will be able to fix that; it’s too risky. I thought I had done a good job of protecting them against chafe.
Speaking of chafe I’ve put the millionaire’s tape to good use today to protect some of the lines pushing on the lifelines.
I saw a few birds, one flying fish and plastic debris. I used the GoPro on a stick to check the keel and rudder and they were clear. I know I had pickup stuff because the first night I saw seaweed dragging from the stern. But nothing now. I’ll check again tomorrow.
Here’s a picture. Think of a caption or don’t, whatever, just know I’m having my first true meal: mushroom risotto. Good stuff!

Now that you thought of a caption … And at the request of you don’t know who … Know that my royal derrière was aired today for a fresh delivery, nothing like sitting in the cockpit of a small boat that’s rolling under a cruising rig to work your core. I know TMI again ….
It was light wind today, “petite vitesse” after a fast night. Maybe we’re in for one more. I still don’t know what I’m going to do about that wind hole. For now I’m sticking to a heading somewhere between rhumb line and great circle (yeah I know making choices is hard!). I am almost DDW but that seems the best course for me. Since I’m “slotcar’ing” now I’m not supposed to jibe. Thank you to Skip and Stan for their advice on the SSS web site.
Sometimes we’re sailing by the Lee so I’m on my tippy toes as we’ve had swell come from the South with gusts. I’m sure the jibe “preventer” protected this head at least a couple of times!
Thanks for reading my prose at sea. No room for philosophy yet, just work work work … Even sleeping is work here!

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