Philippe is “… craving a miso soup!”


Well, we're Wednesday, right? So that would be D+4 and I feel like queasiness has left me. I never threw up or fell incapacitated but it wasn't comfortable and I couldn't eat or drink much. Today I may get the stove ready for I am craving a miso soup!
The wind is astern and the sea has flatten. I think my current sailplan is giving me enough speed to start surfing. We're not getting drenched, which is good; although I certainly didn't mind pumping out the water that came over the rail when we were surfing at 10-15 kts a couple days ago.
There are still plenty of miles to cover and the GRIB file this morning showed a large patch of light wind developing ahead. It looks like the EPAC High will be sending one of his boat speed killer tentacle in front of us (a ridge to cross!). Well, that's my interpretation of what I saw.
I ran a few routings and there are two options. If I'm slow go North of what appears to be a calm area straight ahead on my
current course; if I'm fast go South. Oh man, just the king of decision I don't like!
I'll have to monitor through the day. For now it looks like I have until tomorrow afternoon to decide.
On a personal level I did a bit of personal hygiene jobs (brush my teeth, wiped my face, put a bit of deodorant and something else, important stuff but best not put in writing). No dancing moves on the pink throne.
I do feel that my brain is trying to make sense from all the noise and it sometimes think it's a voice saying stuff. I know better 😉
It is still very overcast and I can't even figure out where the sun is at so I can point the solar panel to it! I'll have to run the generator again.
That'll be my update for today. I think we've had a good night; I need to get true sleep; I'm lying down a lot and my best guess of true sleep is probably something like 4-6 hours.
Out with cute drawings from my daughter Luna ...

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