Evening Radio Roll Call report from MORNING STAR

Dolfin 36 08 x 127 27
Iris 35 41 x 127 13
Rainbow 35 09 x 127 30
Dark Horse 36 09 x 126 46
Morning Star 36 02 x 126 00

Rainbow lost autopilot this morning; Morning Star lost autopilot last evening; both are proceeding under wind vane. No one had news of/from other racers.
At 6/26/2018 02:24 (utc) our position was 36°01.62’N 126°01.34’W

One thought on “Evening Radio Roll Call report from MORNING STAR”

  1. Dear Owl, you ignored my weather routing advice. So, I raced your Infiniti at Sears Point and lost it in a claimer to some gypsies in a souped up Honda.

    You’re hauling butt. Keep it up, sail safe.


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