Pottie talk from Philippe

[Philippe carries a large PINK Home Depot bucket aboard for purpose best left unmentioned]

I think I’m out of the hole. I had put the .5 oz spinnaker up (barely so but it was still faster than the 3; where’s your 1 when you need it :-), when the wind came back strong and I didn’t manage too well, with a pole up in the air and the sail dragging in the water. Nothing broke and we’re back to the 3.

Food wise I’ve had a couple slices of pizza yesterday and a few celery sticks. Today I’m not into eating and I’ve had a few radishes and one carrot. And, here comes TMI, I’ve had a bowel movement (I never realized that it evokes dancing so well, and it does engage all your muscles; no relaxing on my pink throne!).

Anyways, what goes in goes out. I’m sure the same holds true for the mind so be nice to each other 🙂

I think I’m to take a nap.

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