SHTP hopeful Shad Lemke completes qualifier

Shad Lemke braved the winds of Gale Alley TWICE in order to qualify for this year’s Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race.    He reported winds of up to 40 kts and breaking waves that over topped the mast of his ultralight Olsen 30.  Congratulations!

Jackie Philpott interviewed Shad and reported on our forum.   (The whole thread is here.)

[Are you keeping warm?]

The breeze at night is a little chilly, but it’s still warmer than Montana.

[What are you having for dinner?]

Dinner is going to be Mountain House spaghetti. I’m never getting the breakfast skillet again, it was pretty bad.

[Any nausea?]

No nausea, Meclazine is working. I have been eating and drinking.

[How is a sail qualifier similar to a rodeo?]

Qualifier and horse: similar in that you have to deal with what you are dealt and don’t get bucked off!

[What is your horse’s name?]

I name my horses after the cowboy way of life, so they are: Lonesome, Busted Up, Broke, Misery and Ornery

[Do your favorite horse and your boat share any qualities?]

I guess both my boat and my horses are pretty responsive and you can get a lot out of them.

[Have you ever done barrel racing? This question is from a horse friend in Wisconsin/Amy from The Fiasco]

Never barrel raced, I rode broncs, got top horse in a ranch rodeo and showed working cowhorses.

[When do you plan to head offshore?]

My plan is to make my way north for another day until the wind picks up to 30 knots tomorrow night then broad reach SW for awhile, gybe and broad reach. I plan on heading offshore at least 100 miles on my way back down.

[What is it Skip says? “Yee doggies!”]

Again, congrats and fair winds, Shad.

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