update from Seazed Asset

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After the Night Squall episode I have a few more trails and tribulations. Set the chute a couple mornings ago. Had it up about 9 am, and by noon, I had stopped counting the squalls after 7. Then about 1230, with the chute up, had a round up and put the boom tip in the water, then a round down and the spinnaker pole tip in the water. Thought I had escaped that squall, when WHAM, accidental jibe. That was all for me and the chute, got it down and put away. No damage except my pride, and I felt extremely lucky. Went the rest of the day with white sails. Yesterday went to set the chute and had a bad wrap. It had two complete twists inside the spinnaker sock. They must have been left they from the day before:( A real mess took me an hour to get it down. I had to stand to the top of the bow pulpit, in the middle of the Pacific, winds blowing 20 knots and big waves. I had my harness on, one clipped to the jack line the other around the furled Genoa. I was exhausted and went with white sails again. The sun arrived yesterday:) It was a pleasant day after the bad spinnaker set. I lost a bit of time, but not a lot, at least I think. I was sailing DDW at or close to hull speed, on the great circle route. Had my fishing lines out and hooked two Mahi Mahi, lost both right at the boat:( Set the chute today and its going well. According the my weather GRIBs I can stay on this tack all the way to HI. Right now I am pointed right at the Palm Trees. Vance Seazed Asset