top speed on Seazed Asset

This is going back to July 11. I set the chute at 0700 that day. It was windy high 10s to low 20s, and some very confused seas. They seemed to be going about 3-4 different directions at once. Making it difficult to steer the boat. Then the squalls started coming in about 0900. By noon I lost track of the squalls. The at 1230, a trifecta hit me hard. Rounded up, boom tip in the water, rounded down, spinnaker tip in the water, then WHAM, accidental jibe. That was it for me, game over, no more spinnaker. So I clear the deck and find nothing broken, except my pride. I am sailing under main only back on course, right for the palm trees, going 7 knots (it was windy). Then the bow pitches down, REALLY down, felt like I was headed for the center of the earth. I grabbed a handhold and looked at the GPS. The high 8s, the high 9s then high 10s, the 12.4 flashed for just a brief nano second. Came to the bottom of the wave with a nice soft landing and kept going:) Vance Seazed Asset