Slow Lane to Parking Lot on Seazed Asset

Norcal sailingseazed VanceSprock_1320 4c_160

Photos by NorCal Sailing

Life in the Slow Lane tuned into The Parking Lot yesterday. I thought the conditions had changed, was flying the .75 Asym going about 4 knots. Was writing emails, and could hear the boat speeding up. Popped on deck and were going 6-7 knot in the wrong direction (pilot was steering apparent wind). Looked about and the wind looked solid. Had to drop the chute and put up a white sail. Did that and about 15 minutes later the wind faded. Looked around more and noticed a squall to weather a couple of miles away:( After that it was light all day. Saw 0 on the speedo a couple of times, never saw that on the GPS. Must be a current pushing us to HI. Worked like a dog to keep the boat moving the rest of the and all night. Need to get south to some wind. Looks like today will be better Vance Seazed Asset