Passenger on Seazed Asset

seazed VanceSprock_1320 4c_160

Ok, this is supposed to be a SOLO race to Hawaii. Its time to confess that I have a passenger. In Castaway Tom Hanks and Wilson the soccer ball. Well, I have Arrow one of the worlds ugliest ties. He is tied to my SSB back stay antenna, just watching the waves go by, making sure I don’t screw up. Never complaining about being cold, no showers, no sun, too much sun, crappy food ( no complaints there thanks to Amazing Amy Meals) being stuck on a boat with me. All in all a great passenger. Arrow in it for the long haul to Hawaii and back, said he wants to see some of the world and do some sailing. Hey, that’s fine by me, so why not. I’ll post a photos of Arrow when I get to Hawaii.

Vance Seazed Asset