Life in the SlowLane on Seazed Asset

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Yesterday the winds went light for me and a lot of other boats. Seems like the furthest west are still doing well. I spent most of then day changing spinnakers, .75, .50 and .75 asymmetrical. Must have done about five or six changes trying to get a working set up. On one set, I had an “hour glass” wrap. Had to drop and repack and set again:( After much trial and error, seem to have found the right gear for the Life in the Slow Lane. I run the .5 symmetrical spinnaker from late yesterday and all night (today too). When the winds are under 10 knots, I steer to apparent wind, about 92 degrees. That is not “pointed right at the palm trees” (stolen for Jim Quanci), however pretty close this far out, only 10-15 degrees off course. It keeps the boat moving rather than sitting still. When wind is over 10 knots then I steer “pointed right at the palm trees”. Its a lot more work to be on the palm tree course, as the wind does shift a lot. So I am constantly trimming the spinnaker. Pole back, sheet in, sheet out, pole forward, reaching strut, fore guy tension on, reaching strut, fore guy tension off. You get the picture. That went on last night too, till about midnight. Then the wind was more steady, and lighter. I had several hours of under 10 knots going 92 degrees to the wind. Did not matter if it shifted, it was mostly in the right direction. Light again this am, and am 92 off the wind. Trying to go southwest to some wind. I should be there in 24-36 hours. Then straight to the palm trees ASAP, as I need to try and get in front of what was Hurricane Blas. If I do get in front, it will be Life in the Fast Lane:)

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