From s/v Owl – John – Challenging Conditions

Mike and Brian, Interesting day with solid winds in the high thirties, a time in the low forties and a few gusts recorded in the mid fifties. Also, waves pooped me all day long. I heard the one that took out the Monitor wind vane from down in the cabin. When I came out the wheel adapter was lying on the cockpit sole. Winds and seas were such that the hydraulic autopilot couldn’t handle it, so I steered all day long averaging speeds over 7 knots. Saw some boat surfing at 10+ knots. Now that the wind has subsided, I have repaired the wheel adapter, but now it appears that is just a symptom. The big wave has displaced the main gear on the vane itself. Not sure if I can fix that leaning over the stern at sea. It’s more autopilot and hand steering tonight. Hope it’s a good solar day tomorrow. Here are my numbers: Time 1927 Lat/Lon 24° 52/155° 29 COG 226M SOG 6 KN DTF 272 WIND 29 KN @ 96M Sail plan: staysail