From Mouton Noir – Comm Vessel

mouton Michael Jefferson 160

TransPac 2016 Checkin Date: 7/4/2016 Time: 2000pdt Format: Name, Latitude , Longitude, Course(T), Speed(Kn), DTF(nm), Comments if any Althea [ Dolfin [35d51m,129d11m,230m,6.7 Domino [ Elizabeth Ann [36d51m,125d33m,249t,6 Fast Lane [ Giant Slayer [36d40m,129d19m,252t,7.4 SSB relay fromNereida Haunani [ Jacqueline [36d40m,126d19m,252t,7.4 Kato [ Libra [ Minibar [ Mouton Noir [36d43m,126d21m,237,8.9 Nina [ Owl [36d56m,125d51m,270,6.5 Pakala [ Patience [37d08m,125d54m,250t,6.5 Saraband [36d56m,125d41m,235,6.5 Seazed Asset [34d55m,129d26m,244m,8.0 Shaman [35d51m,129d28m,241,7.0 Taz!! [ Temerity [ Tortuga [36d48m,125d53m,224,6.2 Ventus [ Watermark [ Nereida 35d52m,128d53m headed tp pac nw Gribs LIE!!! we are supposed to be seeing beam winds of 17 to 20 knots. Most of us are 2 reefs and small jib or staysail and 30 knots or more. Pretty good swells and rough water. Be glad when this is behind us. I am doing better. 2 reefs and about 70% jib. Centerboard mostly up, daggerboard down about a foot. Boat ahndling ok. Ran the genset this morning. It did ok, but was hard to start. Probably found why- throttle was not open all the way. We will see tomorrow. Wind generator putting out lots of power. nice, since with the boat motion I do not want to run any engines. Still not eating or drinking much, but getting better. All the best, Michael