Bedtime reading

In anticipation of next week’s seminar, here is some reading material on sleep science and management.

Hurdiel, “Field study of sleep and functional impairments in solo sailing races,” (Sleep and Biological Rhythms 2012)

Hurdiel, “Sleep restriction and degraded reaction-time performance in Figaro solo sailing races,” (Journal of Sports Sciences, 2014)

Hagin – Influence of a conservative sleep management strategy during a solo Pacific Ocean crossing on anxiety and perceived fatigue: A case study  (Journal of Sports Sicences 2012)

Claudio Stampi (Editor), Why We Nap – Evolution, Chronobiology, and Functions of Polyphasic and Ultrashort Sleep (1992)

Tim Zimmerman, “Miles to Go Before I Sleep” (Outside magazine 2005)
Dr. Claudio Stampi teaches endurance sailors how to perform better on minimal sleep. The secret, he says, is learning how to power-nap.

Rob Hodgetts, “Sailing in the land of nod” (BBC Sport)
The Spanish have had it right all along – we should be taking naps through the day — Mike Golding

Mini sailor Katrina Ham’s report on sleep deprivation

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Next Seminar: Sleep, and the Return Trip

The SSS SHTP seminar this month will include special guest Lizzy Foreman , who just completed the 2015 Mini Transat, and Michael Cunningham who completed one of the longest Long Pacs in 2015.  Lizzy, who has been trained in techniques to deal with sleep deprivation at the Artemis Academy, will describe the application of those techniques to the Mini 6.5 trans-Atlantic crossing. Michael will describe his experience in the Long Pac.  In addition our past Commodore, Jim Quanci, will detail the best route home during a return crossing.

The seminar will be held February 10, at 1930 hrs, at the Oakland Yacht Club.