Ventus cogitates

July 11 2016. 3:08 pm

I was once told when in doubt put the jib on a stick and point the bow at the barn. Finally listened and what do you know 8-9 knots boatspeed surfing to 12 and Hanalei bay direct……not much rolling and sitting in a bean bag contemplating life.  I remembered my gooseneck repair and decided to inspect before taking a nap.  Sadly a couple jibes during the night had loosened up the pieces holding it together…….there is a reason hall spars doesn’t used bits of leftover tools to hold boom to gooseneck.  In an unbelievable stroke of luck I found the original pin captured by the jib car underneath a line.   I scavenged a nut from the boat which was too long but at least slathered in duralac won’t shake free.   Cluged together a way to keep original pin in place not new nut….

At this point turned into the wind to drop sails.  And the upwind against wave ride is quite different.  A lot of fiddling but the repair seems more solid and Ventus is once again pointed in the right direction.


9:10 am July 10, 2016

Chris on land

899 miles. Starting to feel that I will get there soon.   But then i realize that is still a lot of sailing.    I guess I’m in the trades now.  Water getting warmer.  Wind very steady And. Strong 20 knots pretty consistent.  Still working on keeping he boat going straight has I pitch roll and yaw my way down. The waves.   It’s pretty peaceful and wonderful.

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Miscalculation: No Goodie bag today for Ventus

ventus ChrisCartwright_1488 4c_160

2:30 pm July 8, 2016

My previous longest spinnaker run was about 3 hours coming back from farallons.   I’m over 30 hours now.  Wind has been light but made enough south it seems filed in around. 12 knots.  Sea state low.  Wish there was bigger swell to surf but even with the little ones the boat releases.   Basically enjoying boat in middle of ocean.
Miscalculated.  Tomorrow should hit halfway. Fix on boom is holding.  Boat is rocking and rolling around and my brain isolated with it.  Thanks to all for putting on this great event.    Hope the rest of fleet is doing well and enjoying themselves

Checking in From Ventus

ventus ChrisCartwright_1488 4c_160

3:26 am July 8, 2016

Well my hope of 1/2′ way by today won’t happen.  Most likely Saturday.    No books.  Still getting in rhythm of rest boat stuff navigation.
Repairs yesterday and lots and lots of associated sail changes left not a lot of extra time.  Perhaps over the next few days.  Looking into psyche but no insight yet.  At work many people know and are following trip.

Kite up again on Ventus

8:30 am July 7, 2016 From Ventus
After attempting to go wing and wing last night when winds were light and kite would not fill.  I had a night of rocking rolling and banging of rig with swell and no wind.
The fine trim mainsheet was caught in a Jybe and is out of action (not an issue )
The real issue was horizontal pin connecting boom to gooseneck shook out.
This was a bit of a low spot for me because although trades would blow me to Hawaii.  It would be a long long trip.
After some encouraging words from friends and SSS community, a few Allen keys, a cotter pin and duct tape things seem to be holding together.Chris (Ventus)