Thrilled about arrival

32 more miles to go for my Lobster dinner. Expect noon arrival today Sunday. I’ve done this race twice before and arrived in darkness. Finally get that picturesque scenery. Very deserved for all TAZ has done to get me here safely. Sent from my iPhone

a bit more detail on AP failure.

Relay. On Sunday 7-16, about 1300 hrs PDT. 306 miles to go after a very challenged day, but back in the saddle again after fixing brain box connection of AP. Overwhelmed by fatigue, stress and emotions and the thought of Heaving to frequently. I cried n acknowledged my vulnerability. It was good to do that n it helped to move onto successful repairs. 22 knots n boat moving at 12 kts. Moon n stars are beautiful. Relay from Joe B Archimedes

Dried out Finally, TAZ!! Express 27, George Lythcott

Spoke with George by Sat phone on Wed, July 13, 8:53 p.m. CA time. He sounded strong and full spirited. 625 miles to go, 7.8 kts and sometimes planing to 11 kts under twins., 209M. Playing it safe and not going too deep to prevent boat rolling and rounding up. Cold slumber last night. BUT, SUN FINALLY TODAY!! Batteries charged and I am dried out finally too. Flew chute today and twins are my choice for dinner and sleep. Port pole tonight. Everything OK. Only one failure – Sidekick wireless router bit the dust or humidity more like it. Technical support told me to go buy an ethernet cable – yeah right! I’m Racing Here! Relayed from Joe B. Archimedes

Everything is soaking Wet, TAZ!! Express 27, George Lythcott

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Tuesday, July 12, 8:30 p.m. CA time. All is OK, brought batteries back up some today. 3-4 squalls, full out rain in afternoon and Everything is soaking Wet including me, I am soaked to the inside of my boots and bones, no dry spot on my body. My body heat is steaming up the inside cabin. Will warm up with some chow, but it will be a cool night. Hydrating well, eating well, sleeping well, 24 dry cookies left. Tore twins again as mentioned in an earlier post, but tore ’em again, so this will be my second repair, it will have to wait until July 13 morning. Reached midpoint sometime July 11 morning. Now, 760 miles to go and it can’t come fast enough. ETA roughly Sunday. #3 poled out with 2 reefs, 20-25 knots. Sky and sea angry most of this race. This passage has been a handful. Hugs to All! I’m racing here!

low batteries, TAZ!! Express 27, G.Lythcott

George reported at 09:22 PDT, 8.2 kts, COG 239M, 25 degrees, 52.071 minutes, 144 degrees, 56.537 minutes. Overcast for a few days has has him closely monitoring batteries. Two LiFe batteries, at least 160 amps total. One battery dipped below 12 volts and another approaching low 12’s. He will adjust solar panel angles, sail trim, and AP response to help. As some of you may know, the West Marine X5 does not like to approach 12.0 volts, the ram will stop moving and the control head will loudly alarm with, “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP…BEEP and read something like “I am hungry, feed me or take over human!” From Joe B. Archimedes.