From the comm stations of s/v Owl and s/v Mouton Noir

The 14 mHz amateur band was propagating this evening to these two well equipped boats. John and Michael reported “grim” conditions with no wind. John reports a 30 mile day today. Michael is working on a treatise, “2016 SSS Transpac, What was I Thinking”. He promises to release the Cliff notes version in a few days. Both sounded in good spirits and hoping to get a bit more wind. Owl / John DSC_3178 Mouton Noir in Windier Times DSC_3368

Conversation at 7225 kHz with Three Race Boats

Mouton Noir, Elizabeth Ann, and Owl checked in with N6IZ via SSB at 7225 kHz this evening at 830 pm PDT. The conversation was centered around the weather, there was peaked interest in the low pressure systems lurking to the south of the race course. Other discussions included the outcome of Jacquilene’s rudder situation, Mounton Noir’s apparent SSB issue, of course he came up on frequency with his backup radio and antenna, and batteries that are low on electrons. All seemed to be having low energy in the battery set. A sure sign of overcast conditions. The group indicated conditions were very enjoyable presently. John, “I am having the time of my life out here”. DSC_3311 DSC_3143 BUK_5470