Award Dinner at Nawiliwili Yacht Club

Aloha kakou!

For folks who have not reserved a spot yet, you may go here:

SHTP Awards Banquet – July 23 NYC

to make your payment via PayPal – use the window above the “buy now” button to enter the names of the individuals reserving so that each name gets placed on the guest list.  Ressies are due by 7/16/2016 and are required to attend.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Susan: Srwruns (at)

Mahalo nui loa!!

!Meet and Greet! BBQ/Potluck Sunday

Come meet your fellow skippers at an informal Meet and Greet BBQ.

WHERE:  Marina Village Yacht Harbor, Gate 9 (near Harbor Masters Office).

(Note:  this is a change from Gate 8 that was in the original email)

WHEN:  Sunday, June 26 at 6 pm

BRING:  your own main dish and drink.  Race Committee will provide BBQ, condiments, plates and utensils.

Bring something to share by division:

Lono:  dessert
Ku and Kanola: side dish, salad
Kane: chips, dip, salsa.


see you there!!  SHTP Race Committe

Awards Dinner Reservations


Awards Dinner Reservations, for the event Saturday July 23 at the Nawiliwili YC are now open. Please book before July 10.

No charge for racers, $50 ea. for guests and others attending.

Sign up and pay on Jibeset:


  • Freshly baked foccacia slices served with a creamy spinach dip
  • California style and vegetarian sushi platter, soy wasabi
    Crispy wonton, soy mustard dip
  • Mixed green salad with shaved carrots, grape tomatoes and red onions, papaya seed dressing
  • Pasta with fresh kale, chevre and a toasted macadamia nut romesco
  • Pulehu chicken with a Hamakua mushroom and corn relish
  • Basil seared mahi mahi with a white wine lemon butter sauce
  • Haupia chiffon cake and lilikoi cheesecake squares

Thanks to Susan and NYC for organizing this event!


Special info for those shipping their boats back


George Lythcott ( is the Point-of-Contact for those planning on using Island Crane for loading boats on your trailer or you can contact Larry Conklin directly (808-639-1021).

Shipping Overview

Boats must have a trailer. Matson is the shipping company – booking: 888-362-8766.Boats can be loaded on a barge in Port of Nawiliwili, Kauai for transport to Oahu. From there they will be loaded on a ship to Oakland. You can also sail directly to Oahu for shipping to Oakland with a cost reduction of about $450. In the latter case you will have to arrange your own services to de-mast your boat, load it on your trailer and deliver the loaded trailer to Matson. I am told the sailing between Kauai and Oahu is “a bitch” (wind, waves and cross current), but doable. Hell, you just sailed 2,100 nm across the Pacific. Sailing time from Hanalei Bay to Nawiliwi is about 7 hours.

Shipping Cost

We will have a special rate, TBD.  In 2010 and 2012 it cost about $6,000 to ship my Express-27 from Nawiliwili to Oakland. Cost is determined by the overall length, width and height of the trailer-boat combo without including the mast in that measurement. Matson ships the trailers to HI for free and charges for the return trip. You can pay for your shipping in Nawiliwili at Matson.

Shipping Dates

Trailer are shipped to HI from the Matson Docks in Oakland (near Jack London Square). The convenient shipping dates (nearest the start of the SHTP) are June 17 and July 1. You can drop off you trailer up to 10days before those dates. You will need to have booked your reservation by the time you drop off your trailer. You will also need the trailer’s S/N and trailer license plate #. Any/all boxes on the trailer must be unlocked for agriculture inspection in HI. Failure to unlock them will most likely result in your trailer being quarantined and not available to you until it has been inspected. Note, the Ag inspectors have other work around the Island and may not be available when you need them so…unlock your damn boxes. Shipping time from Oakland to HI is about 10 days. Barge shipping dates from Nawilwili to Oahu are every other Thursday…July 28th and August 11th. You can drop off your loaded trailer and pay your shipping fees up to a week before those dates. Sailing dates from Oahu to Oakland are August 4th and August 16th respectively. Arrival dates in Oakland are August 12th and August 24th respectively.

De-masting/Loading Trailers

We (SSS) have been working with Larry Conklin of Island Crane in Kauai for a few years (since the 2008SHTP, I think). He has a large truck-mounted crane. In Nawliwili, Larry will remove your mast, load the boat on your trailer, load your mast on your boat and tow your boat/trailer to Matson. You will be responsible de-rigging mast for removal, securing mast on your boat and boat on your trailer. Attached find a 4-pagedocument from Larry which gives more information and asks and questions. On a personal note, he is great to work with and he is very skilled. You do not have to use Island Crane if you don’t want to.

Other Stuff

Before accepting your boat/trailer combo, Matson will inspect them for damage (much like a car rental agency when you return a car). They do not insure anything in the boat and you will sign a paper saying there is nothing valuable in it. I have shipped TAZ!! twice and have had no damage nor missing stuff. For shipping back to Oakland, you can lock your boat and trailer boxes. As part of his fee, Larry will tow your trailer to the loading site and tow your loaded trailer back to Matson (3/8 mi.).  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BOOKING WITH MATSON.

Racers: Please submit your bio information

Racers, Christine Weaver from Latitude 38 will be compiling biographical information for publication in the magazine and possibly our Program.   Please provide the info for the questions below and send it to her at    Aloha.

PDF version:  SHTP-profile-questions

Singlehanded TransPac 2016 Profile Questions

Boat Name:
Skipper Name:
Boat Make/Model:
Boat rig:
YC or Association affiliation, if any:
Why are you doing this?:
Why singlehanded instead of the Pac Cup?:
Previous SHTPs:
Previous other ocean races:
Previous sailing experience:
Preparations for the race:
How do you plan to handle sleep/watch-keeping?:
Any physical preparations for the race?:
Describe your strategy for this race:
Describe your provisioning philosophy:
Boat Year:
Bow #:
Keel type:
PHRF rating:
Any major mods?:
Other important equipment for singlehanded passage:
Sail inventory for the race:
SSB and/or SatPhone?:
Anything unique or particularly noteworthy about this boat?:
Why did you choose this boat for the SHTP?:

Plans for after the race (boat):
Plans for after the race (skipper):

Early Entries

BIOHAZARD – Jerome Sammarcelli DOLFIN – Bill Meanley DOMINO – David Herrigel FOXXFYRE – Doug Soderstrom
JACQUELINE – Mike Cunningham KATO – Jiri Senkyrik MINIBAR – Yves Vergnolle SHAMAN – Tom Burden
VENTUS – Chris Cartwright WATERMARK – Michael Thomson