Conditions near the Comm boat

mouton Michael Jefferson 160

From Mouton Noir at 0830: All checkins on VHF. No one else heard on SSB. Conditions overnight were very unpleasant. The wind rarely exceeded 3 knots, was very shifty in both strength and direction, and stubornly insists on coming from the South or SE. There is a vile swell from the NW which is slamming all the sails around and making life (especially of the sails) very bad. It is also pea soup fog with water streaming from every surface. Not at all what was predicted by the weather briefings. David King on Saraband barely squeaked by Middle Farallon rock last night. It was hair raising to watch on AIS. I spent most of the night hand steering to avoid as similsr ptredicament. I finally got a tiny breeze and made it past Middle with about 1/2 mile or so margin. Gary on Elizabeth Ann passed almost directly over Noonday Rock, while drifting, but did not have to start his engine. All in all, this is not much fun for man nor boat. THe swell has the boat thrashing about like it is in a paint shaker, and the rig and sails are getting pounded. I am still pretty queezy, but perhaps today will bring relief. Regards from the “race”. Michael Note: Boats that got out past the Farallon’s are experience winds in the mid 20’s.

Seazed Asset

seazed VanceSprock_1320 4c_160

By Sat Phone 0705 PDT: Vance is report sporting conditions with winds to 25 to 30 from the SW. He is hard on the wind in what he described as unpleasant conditions. About 0430 he reports passing a vessel, believed to be his sister ship Shaman. All is well with the boat currently rigged with short sails.

AM Tracker Reports

The fleet are all responding with position reports from the trackers. Conditions had been reported as fairly mild overnight. Many of the boats are now moving quickly. The trackers update every four hours and are not synchronized so the map will show them with up to several hours of difference. This means a vessel can actually be up to 4 hours further down the course than what the map shows. The Corrected Estimated Finish Duration, shown on the leader board, is presently noisy because if a boat reports their position, and her velocity is very low, it will estimate a long time to finish over the remaining 2000 miles. This will become less noisy over the next day or two and be a more accurate prediction of the race outcome. SHTP 2016 Daily Position Report Sun Jul 03 06:33:21 2016 Legend:Team,Lat,Lon,SOG,COG PAKALA,37.368729115,-124.043111801,2.699785,225 TEMERITY,37.249274254,-123.824243546,5.39957,225 SEAZEDASSET,37.321758270,-123.763883114,9.179269,225 SHAMAN,37.456920147,-123.867416382,6.479484,270 FASTLANE,37.264412642,-123.932476044,5.939527,225 ALTHEA,37.492357492,-124.089138508,7.019441,247 MOUTONNOIR,37.747178078,-123.059728146,2.699785,270 HAUNANI,37.601491213,-123.557031155,7.019441,247 OWL,37.828931808,-123.027219772,0.539957,337 DOLFIN,37.476704121,-124.106605053,7.559398,292 JACQUELINE,37.698533535,-123.223106861,0.0,0 SARABAND,37.699381113,-123.056895733,0.539957,337 ELIZABETHANN,37.806626558,-123.053355217,3.239742,270 TORTUGA,37.823492289,-123.077151775,3.779699,247 PATIENCE,37.866075039,-123.101956844,3.239742,247 VENTUS,37.284110785,-123.909580708,5.939527,225 KATO,37.116783857,-124.167158604,5.39957,247 NINA,37.416268587,-124.089846611,5.39957,225 MINIBAR,37.621961832,-123.645823002,7.019441,247 LIBRA,37.513439655,-124.044334888,4.859613,247 TAZ,37.494610548,-124.156794548,7.559398,247 DOMINO,37.433145046,-123.798751831,8.639312,225 GIANTSLAYER,37.575387955,-123.927690983

SHTP 2016 Unofficial position reports

Note: Zero’s indicate a tracker issue, not a boat problem. All boats are making good speed off the coast. SHTP 2016 Daily Position Report Sat Jul 02 18:09:25 2016 Legend:Team,Lat,Lon,SOG,COG PAKALA,0.000000000,0.000000000,0.0,0 TEMERITY,37.756179571,-122.624995708,5.939527,270 SEAZEDASSET,37.779031992,-122.596049309,7.559398,270 SHAMAN,37.800360918,-122.651903629,4.319656,247 FASTLANE,0.000000000,0.000000000,0.0,0 ALTHEA,37.804856300,-122.567918301,3.779699,225 MOUTONNOIR,37.795618773,-122.595469952,7.019441,247 HAUNANI,37.797120810,-122.573089600,4.319656,180 OWL,37.807388306,-122.605941296,5.39957,270 DOLFIN,37.807259560,-122.571415901,2.159828,225 JACQUELINE,37.804512978,-122.599289417,4.319656,292 SARABAND,37.782797813,-122.546439171,8.099355,292 ELIZABETHANN,37.788430452,-122.577230930,4.859613,292 TORTUGA,37.812302113,-122.516076565,7.559398,315 PATIENCE,37.788398266,-122.560343742,8.099355,292 VENTUS,37.818567753,-122.642548084,3.239742,315 KATO,37.794513702,-122.970957756,7.019441,270 NINA,37.797657251,-122.734751701,5.39957,270 MINIBAR,37.807281017,-122.577316761,5.39957,292 LIBRA,37.805596590,-122.529530525,4.319656,292 TAZ,0.000000000,0.000000000,0.0,0 DOMINO,37.823266983,-122.637248039,4.859613,292 GIANTSLAYER,37.807441950,-122.654714584 —