2018 Notice of Race and Standing Sailing Instructions
  (Applies to every race)

See the other Stuff You Should Know below the calendar.

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2018 Schedule

SSS Season in BOLD, other races of interest for your information. See Jibeset for Additional Sailing Instructions for each race and results. See also the YRA’s Shorthanded Circuit and the YRA Master CalendarOcean races with additional safety requirements are indicated with an asterix (*). Consult ASIs and NOR for entry details.

If there is a shorthanded race you’d like to have included on our calendar, please email the details to: webmaster@sfbaysss.org

January27SSS Three Bridge Fiasco
Skipper's mtg: Jan 24 at OYC
Awards: Feb 7 at OYC
February24SSS Corinthian Race
Skipper's mtg: Feb 21 at IYC
Awards: March 7 at IYC
Central Bay
March3Sequoia YC single/doublehand #1South Bay
17OYC Rites of SpringCentral Bay/Berkeley Circle
17SSC Double Handed Long Distance Race #1SSC/Stockton
24DH Farallones* (BAMA)GGYC
31Sequoia YC single/doublehand #2South Bay
April7DH Lightship*IYC/Ocean
7Sequoia YC single/doublehand #3South Bay
14SSS Round the Rocks
Skipper's mtg: Apr 11 at IYC
Awards: April 25 at IYC
21SSC Double Handed Long Distance Race #2SSC/Stockton
May5SSC Singlehanded RaceSSC/Stockton
19SSS Singlehanded Farallones*
Skipper's mtg: May 16 at ICY
Awards: May 30 at IYC
JuneSSS Singlehanded TransPacific Race*
Skipper's Mtg and Luncheon at CYC: June 22
Awards: July 21 at Nawiliwili YC
August4 (or 18th?)Sequoia YC single/doublehand #4South Bay
18 - 19SSS/ORYA Drakes Bay Races*
Skipper's mtg: Aug 15 at IYC
Awards: Aug 29 at IYC
September8Sequoia YC single/doublehand #5/Commodore's CupSouth Bay
15SSS Half Moon Bay*
Skipper's mtg: Sep 12 at IYC
Awards: Sept 15 at HMBYC (at race finish)
22TYC Shorthanded RacesNorth Bay
October20 - 21SSS Vallejo 1-2
Skipper's mtg: Oct 17
Awards & Season Awards: Oct 31 at OYC
Central Bay/VYC/RYC

Stuff You Should Know

Remember, you MUST register for every SSS race individually via jibeset.

If you are not able to register electronically, please contact the Race Committee.

Am I a Sportboat?   See here to find out!

Archive of past-season race results is HERE.

Restricted Areas  (Applies to every race. Stay OUT.)

From NOR 13(b):  Boats shall not pass between the following buoys or landmarks and the nearest point on the specified shore.

  1.  Vertical ‘H’ beam just west of St. Francis Yacht Club – and the San Francisco shore
  2. Anita Rock and any buoy marking same – and the San Francisco shore
  3. South Tower of Golden Gate Bridge – and the San Francisco shore
  4. Buoy GR BELL marking Little Alcatraz Rock – and Alcatraz Island
  5. Buoy G “3” Q G – and Pt. Blunt, Angel Island
  6. Daymark Fl R 4s 15ft 4M “2” at the outer end of the Berkeley Pier – and the Berkeley shore
  7. Buoy R “2CR” Fl R 4s marking Castro Rocks- and the Richmond shore
  8. The Richmond Long Wharf vicinity such that a boat may not go between the Wharf and a line connecting buoy R “2CR” Fl R 4s marking Castro Rocks , buoy R “2” Q R (1/2 nm west of the Long Wharf), buoy G “3” FL G 4s (1/3 nm south of the Long Wharf) and the Richmond shore northeast of G “3”
  9. The USCG depot on South East Yerba Buena Island – boats may not enter the Restricted Area 334.1065 shown on NOAA Chart 18650 (newly added for 2018)

Racing FAQs

Just one page of sailing instructions for each race?

No way! Each of our races has a unique course and other rules, so it has its own Additional Sailing Instructions. But you also need to familiarize yourself with the 4-page Notice of Race and Standing Sailing Instructions. In general, our races operate a little differently from what you may be used to, and most of those differences are spelled out in the NOR/SSI.

Do I need a PHRF certificate?

Short answer: Yes.  Yes, you do.

To get a certificate for a monohull, see the YRA site here.   For a multihulls, see the Bay Area Multihull Association (BAMA) site here

My emergency contact is my mother, and she lives in Costa Rica. That’s cool, right?

Give us a break! We aren’t asking whom we should send flowers to if you drown. We want someone who can help us track you down. That means somebody who lives with you … who has access to your marina … who knows your favorite hangouts … who has phone numbers of most of your friends … or as much of the above as possible.

I’m chasing Doublehanded season points. I’ve entered the upcoming race, but my crew got sick / broke up with me / is in jail.  Can I sail by myself and still be scored as Doublehanded?

Yes, but just once per season, not including Vallejo 2.   See the NOR for new rules.

I’d like to help on race committee / organize a cruise-in / give a presentation at a meeting. Whom should I talk to?

Why, bless your heart!  For race committee, contact the Race Chair. For anything else, the Commodore is probably your best bet. Really, any member of the Board will steer you in the right direction. See the Contact page.


Per the season NOR, sportboats are monohulls with displacement‐to‐length ratio of ≤ 112 per the formula: DWL =  D/(2.24x(LWL*10)^3) and LWL is ≤ 32′ where D is displacement in pounds and LWL is waterline length in feet.  The DWL number is found on your PHRF certificate for your convenience.

Examples of sportboats include but are not limited to:

Antrim 27
Azzura 310
Black Soo
Dogpatch 26
Esse 850
Express 27
Farr 30
Flying Tiger 10M
Henderson 30
Hobie 33
JS 9000
Laser SB3
Melges 20
Melges 24
Melges 30
Melges 32
Moore 24
Mumm 30
Olson 29
Olson 30
Open 5.70
Santa Cruz 27
Synergy 1000
Thompson 650
Ultimate 20
Ultimate 24
Viper 640
Wylie Wabbit