2023 Standing Sailing Instructions 


Hello, SSS Racers!

The Sailing Instructions for the SSS Three Bridge Fiasco are now available on jibeset at https://jibeset.net/show.php?RR=JACKY_T002368094&DOC=si&TYP=pdf .

You will notice a few things are different than last year, so please read the race documents carefully, make sure you have the documents for this year aboard, and prepare for a great event this weekend.

We will have an online skipper’s meeting this Wednesday evening via Zoom. The link for that will be sent separately.

We look forward to seeing you, and thank you for racing with the SSS.

Richard and Carliane, 2023 SSS Race co-Chairs


Happy New Year and welcome to the opening of the Three Bridge Fiasco’s registration, the first regatta of the 2023 Singlehanded Sailing Society season. This race will be held on Saturday, January 28. A skippers’ meeting will be held on the Wednesday prior with details to be posted soon. Please note the following:

1) The NOR, SI (to be posted soon), and a link to register for either the Three Bridge Fiasco as a single race or for the 2023 season, can be found here: https://www.jibeset.net/JACKY000.php?RG=T002368094. To fix a scoring problem that has been an issue for a while, you must register on Jibeset with the same name, sail number, and boat name. This is the responsibility of the skipper.

2) If you haven’t been following the SSS Online Forum’s Race Deck discussion, there is a thread about updates to the NOR (https://www.sfbaysss.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?21-Race-Deck). We always welcome your feedback either through the forum or at racechair@sfbaysss.org either on the NOR changes or any other topic. In particular, we’d like to hear from new racers (or wannabe racers). Maybe consider forwarding this message to another skipper who might enjoy getting involved in racing.  

3) Some of the NOR changes include a) creating a new way for owners of selected one design fleets to race without a PHRF certificate, for just this one race, to boost participation, b) simplifying the NOR and eliminating some rules, while better spelling out others, and c) adding information about Coast Guard expectations of all racers with respect to traffic.

4) For those of you who are planning to get your PHRF certificate, applications are available online from the YRA or from BAMA for multihulls. You can still race with your 2022 ratings certificate but only for this first race.

Other highlights of the NOR that the race chairs would like you to note are:
* There are still separate divisions for power winch/power assist boats. Register per your PHRF certificate, or pledge to never use the power while racing, as though RRS 52 had not been changed.
* If you are doublehanding and your partner drops out at the last minute, that is even simpler than past years; just show up and race, and you will remain scored for DH.
* Fees have changed slightly so that shirts for DH crew are now a separate $20 item. Single race entry fees have gone down $20 to reflect this.
* Registration for all races will remain open until the Wednesday night before each race.

We hope to see you in one or more of our 2023 races! Be safe and have fun out there.

Join us for the greatest shorthanded sailing event in America!
Which way will you go?
Join the discussion, HERE



I announced this at Saturday’s annual awards meeting and posted it on the forum yesterday, but want to make sure that it reaches all members. As we approach the end of 2022, we’ve been working on our financial plans for 2023. This year has been a challenge to break even financially. There are a variety of reasons, but one of the big ones is the cost of supplying t-shirts to all race participants. Long gone are the days of $5 t-shirts – providing free t-shirts to skippers, and their crew for doublehanders, has put a real strain on our finances. This is acutely the case for members who race doublehanded – two t-shirts times eight races quickly exceeds the $170 annual membership fee. This loss ends up being subsidized by members racing singlehanded and single race entrants. Fortunately, we’ve had good single race entrant turnout in the first three big races each year (Three Bridge Fiasco, Corinthians, and Round the Rocks) which, while it has allowed us to squeak by financially, has masked this inequity.

Race t-shirts have been a long-standing tradition at the SSS and we don’t want to eliminate that. However, true to our roots as a SINGLEhanded organization, going forward t-shirts will be free to skippers (SH or DH) only. If you race DH and want a t-shirt for your crew, you’re going to have to pay extra for it. Annual membership will continue at $170/year and single race entry (SH or DH) will be $50/race. In either case, if you race DH and want a t-shirt for your crew, it will be an extra $20 each race.

This is how it will work in Jibeset: You sign up for season membership at $170, either during your registration for 3BF or later. During registration you will be asked as skipper if you want a t-shirt. Like this year you will have the option to ‘donate’ (ie, don’t want a t-shirt) which saves us the money to buy and print you a t-shirt and we will add that savings to our fund to support local youth sailing programs. If as skipper you want a t-shirt, you select a style/size and there is no cost to you. If you are registering as DH, you will be asked if you want a t-shirt for your crew. Your options will be no t-shirt ($0) or select a style/size for $20.

If you register as a single race entrant, the same rules will apply. You sign up at $50 for the race. As skipper you can select ‘donate’ or a style/size t-shirt, and we either add to our youth sailing fund or the t-shirt is free, respectively. If you are registering as DH, you will be asked if you want a t-shirt for your crew. Your options will be no t-shirt ($0) or select a style/size for $20. Surprise! In total back to the $70 for DH single race entry as was the case in 2022 if you get a t-shirt for skipper and crew.

We are hoping this approach will stabilize our finances a bit and cut down on waste as often t-shirts get printed only never to be claimed. This will be rolled out starting with the 2023 3BF registration.

Thanks for your ongoing support of the SSS.

Tracy Rogers
SSS Treasurer


Please join us for the next Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race seminar on Wednesday, Jan 11th at 7:30 via zoom. We will be covering Rigging/Sails/Repairs at Sea
You can register here:

This registration will be good for this seminar and all following seminars in the series.

Full seminar calendar:
Dec 14th – Power Requirements/Electricity Budgeting/Communications
Jan 11th – Rigging/Sails/Repairs at Sea
Feb 8th – Returning the boat (By sail or freighter)
March 8th – Provisioning/Food, Water & Medicine
April 12th – Anchoring & Satellite Coms
April 15th – Emergency Sea Trails – Cruise In
May 10th – Weather & Race Strategy



2023 Race schedule.
Registration for TBF will open on Jibeset soon!

  • Three Bridge Fiasco – January 28

  • Corinthian Race – February 25

  • Round the Rocks – March 18

  • No Trophy North Bay – April 22

  • SH Farallones – May 13

  • SHTP – June 25

  • Drakes Bay – August 19/20

  • Half Moon Bay – September 9

  • Vallejo 1-2 – October 7/8



Be sure to check out the latest installment of Latitude 38’s Good Jibes with special guest David Herrigel to chat all things Singlehanded Transpacific Race. David is Chair of the 2023 SHTP, has been Commodore of the Singlehanded Sailing Society and is a two-time veteran of the SHTP himself! 


And be sure to mark your calendar for the 23rd Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race – 

San Francisco to Hanalei Bay that starts on Sunday June 25th, 2023!

There are currently 15 boats registered to race!!

Register and get the race documents HERE.
Hanalei Bay SHTP 2018
The anchorage at Hanalei Bay.

Preliminary 2022 Season Standings

Chris Jordan and The Pork Chop Express, Singlehanded Monohull

David Scott and O Mar, Doublehanded Monohull

Evan McDonald and Greyhound, Singlehanded Multi-hull

David Schumann and Bottle Rocket, Doublehanded Multi-hull

The 2021 Singlehanded Trans Pacific Yacht Race
Is completed. 

Start getting ready for 2023!!

The incredible singlehanded sailors!
2021 SHTP AwardsBack row L-R, Falk Meissner, John Wilkerson, Jamey Wylly, Brendan Huffman
Front L-R, Will Lee, Robb Walker, Bill Stange, Cliff Shaw, Jim Quanci
Not pictured, Kyle Vanderspek, Reed Bernhard



The June 19 start of the 2021 Singlehanded Trans Pacific Yacht Race is rapidly approaching. 

Boats are arriving at Richmond Yacht Club.
Final preparations being completed.
Trackers and communications being tested.

Here’s the webcam in Hanalei where we can see you arrive!

Standing Sailing Instructions

SSS COVID-19 Regatta Participation Guidelines

Revised 7/22/20

Racing will be conducted in compliance with all relevant county health orders and any additional site-specific regulations in effect at the time of each event that are detailed in the event’s Sailing Instructions (SIs).

General Procedures and Practices for Race Participants

All Participants:

  • That exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 are directed to stay home and not participate in any activity that may risk the exposure of others.
  • Should maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet from anyone outside of their household or social bubble* before, during, and after any SSS event.
  • Should wear a face covering when in public spaces.
  • Are required to provide their own personal protective equipment and to carry a face covering with them at all time during events.
  • Accept full responsibility for any potential exposure to COVID-19 that may result from participating in any SSS event.

Doublehanded Participants:

  • All doublehanded boats shall consist of individuals occupying a single household or social bubble.
  • The Skipper is the person in-charge of a boat during an event.  Skippers are responsible for their vessel and their crew’s compliance with all COVID-19 directives.
  • At the time of registration, Skippers of doublehanded boats shall self-certify that they and their crew occupy the same household or social bubble.  
  • All Skippers of doublehanded boats not able to find crew that meet these criteria are encouraged to race singlehanded.

*Social bubbles are defined as stable groups of 12 people or less who have agreed to limit their social activities to only each other for at least three weeks.

Commodore’s Welcome Letter

Welcome! The San Francisco SSS offers events where singlehanded and short-handed sailors can share knowledge, gain experience, and find a structured environment to expand their horizons. The SSS encompasses everyone from a first-time, double-handed sailor to veterans of the Singlehanded TransPacific (SHTP) yacht race. We are always learning and always sharing knowledge.
Please join us for the full season. And if you have not already, please also check us out on: FacebookInstagram and Twitter

(Don’t forget to refresh this page often for new updates.)