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Corinthian Race 2/24/24

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Hello, SSS Racers!
Registration is open for the SSS Corinthian race on February 24. Sign up on Jibeset at
All boats must have a 2024 PHRF certificate. Please reduce the stress on yourself, on the YRA, and on us, by applying for one of those ASAP if you do not have one yet.
The SSS plans to have an in-person awards meeting for the Three Bridge Fiasco on Sunday February 18 at Richmond Y.C. 5:00 pm, Regatta Room.
Please come and meet your fellow racers. I may preview some of the skipper’s meeting content for Continthian at that meeting, but we will still meet on Zoom the Wednesday before as usual.
Thank you for racing with the SSS.


Race Schedule for 2024

* January 27: Three Bridge Fiasco
* February 24: Corinthian
* March 16: Round the Rocks
* April 27: “No Trophy South Bay Regatta” (note there will be a trophy, but it won’t count for the season)
* May 11: SSS Singlehanded Farallones (coastal race)
* June 29: LongPac start
* August 10 & 11: YRA / SSS Drakes Bay Races (coastal race)
* September 7: Half Moon Bay (coastal race)
* October 5 & 6: SSS Vallejo 1-2

As announced at the meeting, the plan is for the coastal races to use the same SERs as YRA uses — which will include AIS in 2024.

Richard, SSS Race Co-Chair

The 23rd Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race – is DONE !!

Reports from racers are HERE
Reports From returning boats will be added to their thread.

Tracker Page HERE

The TransBack (boats returning) began 7/15/23
Track the returning boats HERE watch.php?FA=JACKY_T004055182_2_4247817093_NORMAL

Latest news;

All the racers are in !
Results are HERE

The amazing skippers of the 2023 Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race.

SHTP 2023 / Christine Weaver

SHTP 2023 / Christine Weaver

Back row; Christophe Desage/ Elmach, David Garman/ Such Fast, Todd Olson/ Gwendolyn,
Michael Polkabla/ Solstice, Mike Smith/ Eos, Alexander Benderskii/ Reverie,
Max Crittenden/ Iniscaw, John Wilkerson/ Perplexity, Randy Leasure/ Tortuga,
Piyush Arora/ Horizon, Bill Stange/ Hula.

Front row; James Quanci/ Green Buffalo, Chris Jordan/ The Pork Chop Express, 
Gary Burton/ Elizabeth Ann, Brendan Huffman/ Siren

Here’s the webcam in Hanalei where we can see you arrive!




Standing Sailing Instructions

Welcome! The San Francisco SSS offers events where singlehanded and short-handed sailors can share knowledge, gain experience, and find a structured environment to expand their horizons. The SSS encompasses everyone from a first-time, double-handed sailor to veterans of the Singlehanded TransPacific (SHTP) yacht race. We are always learning and always sharing knowledge.
Please join us for the full season. And if you have not already, please also check us out on: FacebookInstagram and Twitter

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