Welcome! The San Francisco SSS offers events where singlehanded and short-handed sailors can share knowledge, gain experience, and find a structured environment to expand their horizons. The SSS encompasses everyone from a first-time, double-handed sailor to veterans of the Singlehanded TransPacific (SHTP) yacht race. We are always learning and always sharing knowledge.
Please join us for the full season. (Don’t forget to refresh this page often for new updates.)


Of Interest…

  • You know you want to hear about this year’s Singlehanded Sailing Society’s LongPac race! It was probably one of the most nail biting races along with several boats changing the lead position for a variety of reasons. Please come and support everyone who entered and listen to the stories. We will be meeting on Wednesday, July 24 at Encinal Yacht Club at 7:30, but try to arrive earlier than that for socializing and enjoying the BBQ of the junior sailing program. 

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Mark Your Calendars!

  • August 24-25: Drakes Bay Race 1 & 2 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • September 14: Half Moon Bay
  • October 19-20: Vallejo 1-2 (Saturday and Sunday)